Why Roedean is a school worth saving


At Roedean, I shared rooms, courses, meals, and trips (legal and illegal) to Brighton with Russian, Chinese, African, Thai and Canadian girlfriends. I can’t imagine a more multicultural life experience and I haven’t experienced anything like it since.

In my second year, two new girls arrived – an Israeli and a Palestinian. The rooms were assigned in alphabetical order and because their last names started with R they were placed in the same dormitory. I remember the first day they heard a big argument, one of them yelling at the hostess that they couldn’t share because they would kill each other. I also heard his calm response, only slightly frightening. “This,” she said, “is the way we do things here. There will be no room change, there will be no rowing, and there will certainly be no murder – except by me. In less than two weeks they were best friends and the last time I heard they were sharing a flat in London.

I am more than grateful for my time at Roedean. It gave me confidence, independence, strength in my own beliefs, the ability to get along with just about anyone, and the most fantastic education. I would find it sad beyond measure if this iconic institution, with its 135 years of significant feminist history and ethics, did not survive.

Sara Lawrence is the author of Jinx slater book series

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