Where is “I am Shauna Rae” filmed?

TLC I am Shauna Rae returns for Season 2. Viewers get an inside look at Shauna’s life and how she strives to build a fulfilling life. Here’s what we know about the place I am Shauna Rae is filmed.

Who is Shauna Rae?

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Shauna Rae is the star of the new TLC show I am Shauna Rae. She is in her twenties, but a condition called malignant glioma, a rare cancerous brain tumor, has stunted her growth. According to Shauna Rae, she is an adult but “looks like an 8 year old”. She underwent surgery and underwent approximately three years of chemotherapy. She says she took growth hormones intermittently but didn’t get past her current height of 3ft 10in.

Where is “I am Shauna Rae” filmed?

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I am Shauna Rae is filmed in Long Island, New York. Shauna and her family are from Pittsburgh. They are currently renting a house on Long Island and plan to buy their own home soon.

Shauna’s mother wants her to continue living at home. It’s not Shauna’s preference. She really wants to move and live independently. The only problem is that Shauna doesn’t have enough money to move yet.

Shauna Rae was shocked by a sticker while looking for an apartment in Long Island

Shauna lives in one of New York’s most expensive neighborhoods, but she didn’t really realize that until she and her younger sister, Rylee, started looking for apartments. An apartment they were interested in had a monthly rent of $4,100. There was also a $375 annual charge for amenities. When Shauna and Rylee heard the price, they were surprised.

“The rent was crazy for the fact that I want to be a community college student who’s probably going into art,” Rylee says during Season 2 Episode 2. “It’s definitely out of our budget. “, adds Shauna. “If Rylee and I are seriously considering moving, we need to line up our ducks.”

Shauna immediately decided to look for a job. She interviewed at a pet boarding house and was hired there. Shauna has five dogs, so she’s perfect for the job. Her new boss has expressed concerns about her small size, especially when it comes to handling large dogs, but she has proven she can handle herself.

Shauna’s relationship with her family

Shauna is close to her family, but she sometimes clashes with her older sister, Tara. Cameras followed Shauna during Season 1 as she shopped for bridesmaid dresses for her sister’s wedding. Shauna says it was hard to do this shopping because she and Tara fight a lot. Her stepfather, Mark, says Tara and Shauna were close when they were younger, but grew apart as they got older.

“When I met Tara and Shauna, their relationship was a lot easier,” says Mark. “They were very close, but as they got older, and especially after Tara left high school, it became a lot more contradictory. And I think that’s Shauna [is] jealous that Tara is living the life she should be living too.

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