Wednesday’s first full teaser features Addams Family favorites

Jenna Ortega in Wednesday

Jenna Ortega in Wednesday
Screenshot: netflix

Snap your fingers and step in oxford: a real full trailer for Tim Burton’s new Netflix series Wednesday arrived. Along with plenty of new plot details to bite, the teaser also shares glimpses of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzman as Morticia and Gomez Addams, and Gwendolyn Christie as one of the boarding school teachers. of Wednesday.

At the “Nancy Reagan High School” fair where we set our scene on Wednesday (Screamby Jenna Ortega) operates in stark contrast to the rest of her classmates in neon backpacks and denim shorts, right down to her impeccable taste in leather shoes. A voiceover reveals that it’s far from Wednesday’s inaugural “first day of school”: she’s been through eight schools in five years. Soon an alleged reason for the turnover emerges, as Wednesday quietly and sullenly stumbles upon a boy’s water polo practice full of white teenagers who call him a “monster” and (apparently) bully his brother.

“The only person who can torture my brother is me,” the team said impassively on Wednesday, before dropping two plastic bags of piranhas into their training pool. One of the bloodthirsty fish neatly castrates Dalton, the same water polo player who said “Hey, freak,” when she walked in.

Wednesday Addams | Official trailer | netflix

Although Wednesday’s reaction to Dalton’s injury was the most devious of smirks, Nancy Reagan High School’s reaction was expulsion. In the ashes of her public school upbringing, however, Morticia (Zeta-Jones) and Gomez (Guzman) Addams see an opportunity. Wednesday will be sent to Nevermore Academy, the gothic boarding school where her parents met, a place Morticia assures Wednesday that she will finally be surrounded by “peers” who will “understand” her. Whether Wednesday has any desire to be understood, by a peer or not, remains unanswered by the end of the trailer. Forgive him for pursuing his other, clearly more inspiring passions for mayhem, “stabbing” and Peter Pan collars.

According to Netflix’s description, Wednesday is “an insidious, supernatural mystery retracing Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy”. The whole piranha penis incident was obviously just the beginning of Burton’s reimagined arc for the classic character. The new tease features glimpses of a nighttime forest chase lit by lanterns, a Carrie– prom style and a very familiar severed hand. The whole series now needs (in the humble opinion of this Addams Family Values super fan) is a cameo by Joan Cusack.

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