Vampire Academy Bosses Explain Vampire Diaries Differences

vampire academyThe creators of talked about how the show differentiates itself from The Vampire Diaries.

The new fantasy horror series comes from a half of The Vampire Diaries‘ top team, Julie Plec, set in a boarding school for vampires and Dhampirs (half-vampires).

Speaking recently to digital spy and other media outlets at San Diego Comic-Con, Plec explained that the two shows, while unrelated, do intersect in terms of “emotional” aspects.

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“There’s not a lot of overlap except for the emotional elements – building a show around family/friends, filling your soul, that’s how I write,” the co-showrunner said. “It looks very different from [The Vampire Diaries] – in a Spanish castle, opulence has accelerated.”

Creator Marguerite MacIntyre added, “And with the Dhampir action, there’s this whole class of vampires with different combinations of fighting styles.”

Talking more about the budget benefits that come with appearing on a streaming service – vampire academy is on Peacock – Plec teased more action than his previous show.

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“As soon as you switch to streaming and they give you extra bucks, you can do some exciting stuff – so there’s a lot more action than [The Vampire Diaries]”, she said. “The action is intrinsic to this story.

Plec also reflected on the mistakes made on The Vampire Diaries and its repercussions that they wanted not to repeat on vampire academy.

“[We did] a lot of night shoots on this one,” she joked. “You think we would have learned our lesson by the number of night shoots we had on vampire diary despite the characters having daylight rings!”

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She went on to note that “the mythology [got] denser” in their “efforts to try to entertain and outdo each other” on the previous series.

“That show, we were very clear that magic exists in this world,” she said of vampire academy.

“These vampires in particular are steeped in different elemental magics, but we’re going to keep it very simple, very grounded in a very clear set of rules just because it’s a show about friendship and about a society on the verge of change. , and we didn’t want big mythology, especially big magical mythology, casting a shadow over already very powerful and important stories.”

vampire academy premieres on Peacock on September 15 in the US and on Peacock on Sky and Now on September 16 in the UK.

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