Universities are dying | National exam

On the website of the Foundation for Economic Education, Isaac Morehouse states that “The Last Leg Universities Stand on is Collapsing”.

Having obtained a degree used to stand out. It was a sign of advanced learning. It was a badge of honor. Then came the federal government’s universal access policy. Higher education leaders wanted the money that came with a flood of students. They dropped the standards to keep the mass of students (or, as a friend put it, “students”) happy. The flower is out of the rose.

Morehouse writes, “I can think of few things less respectable than mindlessly going into debt to spend half a decade drinking and begrudgingly doing meaningless duties for professors detached from the world, all so you can get away with a piece of paper that does nothing to help you. start a career and mindsets that make success more difficult.

George Leef is the Director of Editorial Content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.

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