These are the Best Universities in the World (Career Placement) for 2022

We all want to have a flourishing career, right? And for this, one of the viable options is to enroll in one of the best universities in the world. It is true that going to a good college or university simply does not only mean improving your career. In fact, if you choose a very good university, your chances of obtaining a degree also increase. According to the survey conducted recently, there are a handful of universities that have definitely raised the bar when it comes to employability rankings. In this blog below, we have named top race contenders who are the best for student placement opportunities.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    The first name to appear on the list of best universities for job placement is none other than Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Touted as one of the best universities in the world, the school of education offers career-enhancing courses and programs for undergraduates, as well as the general public and industry leaders. Another key point that sets the institute apart from the rest is that MIT alumni and faculty members play a key role in fostering entrepreneurial innovations. With many large conglomerates actively participating in courses and discipline, it’s no surprise that MIT holds a 100% placement record.

  2. University of Cambridge
    One of the elite institutes in the world, the University of Cambridge secures a second place on our list. With a glorious history dating back to the 13th century, the university was founded by scholars from Oxford. With career enhancement courses, a variety of disciplines, and top-notch programs, the school of knowledge produces some of the sought-after candidates. All of these and more have helped Cambridge achieve university status with a hundred percent placement record.

  3. The University of Melbourne
    Founded in 1853, the University of Melbourne is one of the top universities in Australia and the world. The public-spirited institution has a distinctive contribution to society that makes it better in all spheres of education. Starting from research, engagement, learning and teaching, the university helps students embark on an unparalleled professional journey. With research facilities focused on the main challenges facing the world today, candidates also have the opportunity to think about solutions in a socio-economic way.

  4. Harvard University
    Harvard University is one of the oldest and arguably one of the most prestigious universities. The college has consistently maintained a reputation for enrolling highly intelligent students. With a history of groundbreaking research and innovation, the school is favored by many companies around the world. Students also get involved in the many extracurricular activities from sports and entrepreneurial innovations that help them in their future projects. The university is dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching and research in many disciplines that help make a difference on a global scale. With more than 360,000 alumni worldwide, Harvard graduates are constantly pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.

  5. University of California, Los Angeles
    The University of California has been one of the pioneer institutes for over 100 years. UCLA’s primary goal is to create the dissemination and application of knowledge for the betterment of our global society. Another striking aspect of the school of education is that it is deeply rooted in the mission of education and public service. Loaded with creative opportunities, accomplishments, critical inquiries, candidates leaving the institute have the best options to advance their careers. All these facilities have enabled the institute to achieve a one hundred percent placement record in the world.

  6. Tsinghua University
    One of the most prestigious institutes in the People’s Republic of China, Tsinghua University caters to the three cores of education, namely research, innovation, and teaching. Located in the northwest suburbs of Beijing, the institute exhibits the correct fusion of Chinese and Western cultures backed by the rich history that has always set it apart from others. At present, the university has around 20 schools and 59 departments under its wing with a multidisciplinary approach to the curriculum. With a focus on innovative solutions, the School of Education is committed to developing global citizens who can move forward in their careers.

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