These are the 4 countries in Europe that Americans most want to visit

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Europe is hot right now, and the proof is in the numbers. After two years of isolation from the rest of the world to manage the health crisis with difficulty, the continent is now fully open to travel and the latest barometer of long-distance travel to Europe has just been published, revealing the 4 countries Americans most want to visit.

Female tourist with a backpack descending the steps overlooking a small town in the Cinque Terre region of Italy, Europe

Throughout 2020 and most of 2021, US citizens have been routinely barred from boarding flights to Europe unless they meet a number of criteria, such as being citizens themselves. European countries or present a vaccine certificate – the latter having become a requirement after vaccination. has become widespread.

Fortunately, all these brakes have now been dropped, and Americans are again making trips across the pond in droves. More specifically, to these destinations:

What does the new long-haul travel barometer tell us?

Half-timbered houses in Nuremberg, Germany, Europe

As usual, the European Travel Commission (ECT), which regulates travel within the European Union and associated states, and Eurail BV, the company responsible for the popular European Train Pass, have jointly published the third and final issue of this year Long-haul travel barometer – commonly abbreviated as LHTB.

The latest LHTB, which spans the months of September to December 2022, tracks travel trends across Europe for overseas visitors, particularly in seven of the largest markets: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Russia and , of course, the United States. . Before diving into the numbers, it is important to note the “appetite” for travel has increased significantly.

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Dunluce Castle near Bushmills, Northern Ireland, UK

Currently, 56% of Americans coming to Europe expect to take multi-country trips, and thanks to the LHTB, we also know where they have set their sights:

  • France
  • Italy
  • The United Kingdom
  • Germany

What are the priorities of Americans when traveling in Europe?

Mont St Michel, Normandy, France, Europe

The report also verified that, when going abroad, 35% of Americans prioritize ‘quality tourist infrastructure‘, an area in which the countries above excel, while 33% and 31% value safety and price respectively. Moreover, they are the ones who care the most overtourism23% of Americans consider it an important criterion.

In other markets, an average of 16% of the public expressed concern about overcrowding. Luckily for Americans, some of their favorite European vacation destinations, including Italy and France, have started limiting tourists due to the phenomenon, as more European cities urge Brussels to take action. against unsustainable travel.

Steps leading to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Montmartre, Paris, France crowded with tourists, overtourism concept

Soon, when visiting Venice, Italy, tourists will need to arrange their visit in advance and pay an entrance fee. Meanwhile, neighboring France has already started to limit daily visitors to some of its most popular attractionsespecially along the French Riviera, a much sought after location for those looking for a European summer experience.

It’s a double-edged sword: a large percentage of Americans want us to tackle overtourism, but they could themselves be affected.

No travel restrictions to visit Europe this winter

Young American female traveler holding an American passport case while using her computer, international travel concept

On the bright side, all of the destinations above have no entry requirements in place, and Americans are again welcome regardless of health. Whether they’re flying to the mystical British Isles or fancy a romantic trip evening in the City of Light, they are exempted from presenting any vaccine passport at the border:

  • No mandatory vaccinations apply
  • No pre-departure test necessary
  • No quarantine is required
Young female traveler with a straw hat gazing at the skyline of Malaga, Andalucia, southern coast of Spain, Europe,

With the only exception of Spainwhich still requires unvaccinated Americans to test negative, the entire European Union, and even European countries outside the group, such as the United Kingdom and Turkey (formerly Turkey), have completely removed their measures anti-tourism.

It has helped to instill a desire to travel abroad in the hearts of many wary Americans, who are now the foreign nation with the third ‘biggest increase’ in the ‘sentiment index’ for European travel plans. . Essentially, the index reflects a ‘dominant sentiment’ shared by travelers in a common market, whether ‘positive’ or ‘negative’.

Female traveler check in for flight at airport, air travel

How are Americans doing compared to other major markets?

Any value above 100 indicates “positive” sentiment, and US travelers scored 126 points despite the worsening economic crisis, supporting previous findings that the average tourist has cut their budget. Brazil leads the list with 150 pointsfollowed by Canada (136), two countries whose currencies have historically been weaker against the euro.

This proves that the continent is more accessible than ever, especially after the euro has reached parity with the US dollar on numerous occasions. When it comes to reluctance to travel amid economic upheaval, Americans are the least sensitive to “money matters”: only 30% of them were hesitant to declare that their trip to Europe will take place this year.

Picturesque view of the Gronn district and the Alzette river in Luxembourg, central Europe

In general, Americans still fantasize about the Old World despite the cost of living crisis and skyrocketing winter prices, compared to 55% of Brazilians and 31% of Canadians. Naturally, due to their priorities, Western Europe remains their preferred location. However, if you’re looking to escape the obvious and feel more adventurous, we strongly suggest revisiting our list of 7 underrated destinations in Europe for 2022.

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