The school in the city where parents choose the day students at 8 p.m. raises eyebrows


Some parents find the routine unusual. [Courtesy]

It is 8:30 p.m. on a cold evening in Nairobi. Most elementary students are already home having dinner or completing their homework for the day.

But some students at a school in Tena Estate prepare to return home in the dark, exhausted and hungry after enduring more than 15 hours of instruction.

This is what aroused some curiosity in the region, some parents, with children attending the day and boarding school, finding the routine unusual.

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When The standard At the gate of the establishment, parents were at the guardian’s refuge while waiting to pick up their children.

Normally, the day fellows show up at 6:40 a.m. for regular classes during the day until 4 p.m. Pupils in classes 7 and 8 stay after 5 p.m. for other activities until 8:30 p.m.

The scholarship holders of the day show up at 6:40 am for the regular courses. [Courtesy]

One of the parents (name withheld), whose daughter is in 7th grade and has been a day scholar from the start, says the evening program was introduced this term.

He says the new schedule runs throughout the weekend and feels his daughter doesn’t have enough time to play with her siblings and may eventually be forced to pay more for his daughter to join. the pension.

Another parent said The standard that “it’s not a bad thing because my son, who is preparing for final exams (KCPE), doesn’t have much to do at home. He’s a day student and I don’t want him on board.

When we contacted the school following concerns raised by some parents, the administration said the problem was magnified by disgruntled competitors.

“We ask parents to trust us to give children a healthy education, taking care of their academic, spiritual and social well-being as we always have done. Please ignore any erroneous and incorrect schedules circulating on social media, ”read a letter to parents.

The school principal said The standard that the institution has agreed to host scholarship days in the evening for remedial lessons, at the request of certain parents.

Pupils in classes 7 and 8 stay after 5 p.m. for other activities until 8:30 p.m. [Courtesy]

“It’s an institution that has a majority of boarders and normal classes take place until 4 pm. Then, until 6 p.m., learners participate in games and other extracurricular activities, including mentoring programs.

“However, the group that remains as others leave is small and are in grade 7 and 8. We allow them to stay so they can complete their homework. It is between 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Meanwhile, we have teachers to ensure order and discipline while the students do their homework, ”said the head of the school.

He said it was a voluntary service at no extra cost, saying some parents have requested that their children stay instead of going home to play other games like Play Station.

At the same time, the institution says it will help learners now that the school calendar has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Some parents told us they were working late and no one would be there with the kids at home. They wanted to allow the children to stay in school until they came to pick them up. It is not at all punitive. We have put all the security measures in place to ensure that those who leave at night are in good hands, ”he said.

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