The recall of Major Vampire Diaries in season 4 of Legacies

In “Legacies” Season 4, Episode 2, “There’s no me on the team or anything,” Cleo Sowande (Omono Okojie) has a vision of the only weapon that can kill an Original; a white oak. Fans of “The Vampire Diaries” remember that White Oak, one of nature’s eternal objects, is an integral part of the spell Esther Mikaelson uses to turn her children into vampires as well as their only weakness.

In Season 2 of “The Vampire Diaries,” viewers learn that a dagger dipped in white oak ash, without being fatal, can render an original helpless until removed. In Season 3, it is revealed that a white oak stake is the only weapon capable of killing the otherwise indestructible members of the First Vampire Family (although “The Originals” extends deadly threats to an Original to include Venom bite of an improved original).

With Hope now completely transformed into tribrids, she already proves to be a dangerous and cruel like her father, and so far only Cleo knows the weapon that can end Hope’s reign of terror for good. . Although Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson used the remaining stake to kill each other in the finale of “The Originals”, a new tree (the product of witchcraft) is blooming on the grounds of the Salvatore School. Nature always finds a way to restore balance, so are Hope’s days as tribrides numbered?

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