The quality of the activities of specialized schools to be improved

UZBEKISTAN, January 17 – On January 17, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired a videoconference on improving the quality of education and education in schools, improving the activities of special schools.

Many educational institutions are organized in Uzbekistan, especially specialized schools are being created. At the beginning of the construction of the Presidential Schools, the Head of State noted that they should become a model for other institutions and change the sphere of education. What’s happening: interest in science has increased in society, more and more parents are trying to provide their children with a good education.

In 2019, there were 271 specialist schools in the country. Following the initiatives and decisions of the President to improve the teaching of exact sciences and foreign languages, 126 other schools specializing in mathematics and physics, 87 schools in chemistry and biology, 99 schools in computer science and 207 schools in foreign languages ​​have been created.

Thus, the number of specialized schools in the public education system has reached 790. 135 of them are fully specialized and have boarding school status. In the remaining 655 schools, in-depth subject teaching is only organized in separate classes. Their educational programs, teaching methods and extracurricular activities practically do not differ from those used in ordinary schools. For example, classes in predominantly math and foreign language classes last 2 hours longer than in regular classes. However, this is not enough to meet modern requirements and keep pace with development. In this regard, the issues of expanding the coverage of special schools and improving the quality of education were discussed at the meeting.

“We must deeply realize that our economy has very high goals. This year, we aim to increase our exports to $14 billion. By 2025, we expect to grow gross domestic product to $100 billion and exports to $30 billion. Who will implement this? Educated staff!” said the president.

It was noted that special schools will gradually be transferred under the jurisdiction of the Presidential Educational Institutions Agency.

“We created this agency not only for 14 schools. It should extend the experience and methodology of presidential schools to other schools,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

Therefore, starting from the new school year, two schools will be selected in the city of Nukus and regional centers and one in each of the districts and cities with their subsequent transfer to the system of the Presidential Educational Institutions Agency. It was emphasized that in this case it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the development of industries, subjects whose teaching is traditionally strong in a particular region. An instruction was given to create an appropriate working group, to study the conditions in the regions and to prepare the selected schools for the next school year on the basis of new standards. The importance of reviewing the admission procedure in these schools, the system for evaluating the knowledge of students and teachers was also noted.

The Head of State focused on the content of the educational process.

“Special schools are not needed to teach 2 more hours. Children should be provided with in-depth knowledge in specialized subjects, have broad outlook, high national consciousness and a sense of patriotism,” the president said.

It was noted that local hokimiyats and universities are also responsible for the development of school education, which should be a promising pool of personnel for themselves.

The level of teaching depends above all on the knowledge and skills of the teacher. Thus, directors and teachers will be hired in special schools on the basis of a two-stage competition. The Presidential Educational Institutions Agency has been tasked with recruiting highly qualified teachers based on this system, additionally training them and assisting in obtaining national and international certificates.

The task has been set to organize a research center at the agency’s Center for Teaching Excellence and International Assessment, which will develop advanced educational programs for special schools based on the international methodology.

He was instructed to create territorial departments of the Agency of Presidential Educational Institutions of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and regions to effectively organize this work. The Head of State criticized the poor quality of foreign language teaching in schools.

“The languages ​​of developed countries are not taught in universities. Because students learn two languages ​​from childhood. We teach foreign languages ​​from first to eleventh grade. But what percentage of children who finish school can speak these languages?! After all, so much public money is allocated to this! Where is the result? asked the president.

The issues of improving the quality of education, deepening the teaching of subjects and foreign languages ​​in other schools in the system of the Ministry of Public Education were discussed.

“Until we get the education system back on its feet, the reforms will not succeed. A department or agency will not be able to cope with this task. All of our people and our society must firmly grasp this issue. Our destiny depends on schools, education and knowledge,” said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Responsible persons were instructed to prepare a draft resolution on the implementation of the tasks set at the meeting.

Source: OuzA


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