The Potential of Islamic Boarding Schools to Play a Strategic Economic Role

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) have the potential to play a strategic economic role for the community, said Minister of State Enterprises (BUMN), Erick Thohir.

“The Pesantren have the potential to play a strategic role for the well-being of the people, both socially and economically,” noted Minister Thohir, quoted on his official Instagram account @erickthohir on Monday.

To achieve an advanced Indonesia in 2045, the minister pointed out that the country needs several new experts with relevant skills. The ponderren plays a crucial role in creating adaptive intellectual students.

“With the students’ active participation in the economic cycle of thepestren, the boarding school is expected to develop, prosper and update. God willing, I believe thepestren can be a beacon of civilization,” the minister noted. .

He has previously remarked that the Poidsren and Islamic economics have vast potential to encourage national economic progress.

He noted that in the first quarter of this year, Indonesia had 31,385 ponders, with a total of 4.29 million students.

This potential is also a strength for Indonesia’s Sharia economy ranked fourth in the world, with a world Islamic economic indicator of 91.2, while the main sectors of this industry include halal food, finance, tourism , Muslim clothing, cosmetics, media and entertainment.

This vast potential can still be developed to the fullest, so that thepounders are competitive and economically independent. In addition to being an educational institution based on Islamic values, thepoundren also promote several entrepreneurial activities and become an economic hub for the surrounding regions.

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