The 10 saddest deaths in Telltale games

Life is not guaranteed in The Walking Dead universe a bit: just in the tv show alone, at least 1,155 characters died. Like the TV show and comics that preceded it, Telltale’s The Walking Dead the games are filled with heartbreaking moments, including the deaths of countless characters that fans have come to love.

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When considering the saddest deaths of these popular episodic adventure games, the same characters keep coming back into conversation due to their importance and impact on the series and players in the long run.

ten Tennessee

Tennessee dying in The Walking Dead Game

Tennessee, also known as Tenn, is a quiet and creative 12-year-old boy who appears in season four, with one of the saddest TWD origin stories. Tenn is one of the nine surviving children of Ericson’s boarding school and the brother of Sophie and Minerva, two members of this season’s enemy band, The Delta.

Even though Tennessee’s death is entirely game-changing, her death is truly heartbreaking if the player’s choices lead to it. In a horde of zombies, Tenn’s older sister Minerva attempts to take him back but holds off either Louis or Violet in the process. In order to save Louis or Violet, AJ shoots Tenn in the neck as the walkers close in. Deaths involving children in The Walking Dead the universe is hard for fans to watch.

9 Well

Pictures of Walking Dead Ben

Appearing in the game’s first season, Ben is a nervous high school student who often puts the group in danger due to his bad decisions. Even though he wasn’t popular among the fans because of this, Ben always had a good heart and tried his best despite being irrational.

Although Ben’s time of death is decisive, his character dies regardless of the player’s choices. In every path players could have taken, Ben will fall to his death. No matter how his character acted, it was still heartbreaking for fans to see such a young character die the way he did and to see Ben sacrifice himself in one of the deaths for the safety of the group.


8 Marianne

Mariana dying in The Walking Dead

Javier García’s niece, Mariana is a sweet and caring 10-year-old girl who is inseparable from her walkman and appears in season three. His boldness and optimism act as the glue that holds Javi, his brother Gabe and his mother-in-law Kate together.

Mariana’s death angered fans and was horrible to watch; Mariana is targeted and shot in the head by season three’s enemies, the New Frontier, after finding her lost Walkman headphones. Fans were angered by the death because it happened purely as TWD shock value and wished for more time with his character.

seven Katjaa

Katjaa lying dead on the ground in The Walking Dead

Katjaa, also called Kat by her husband Kenny, is a soft-spoken, nurturing former vet who takes care of Clementine and her son Duck in the first season. Katjaa is Kenny’s anchor in difficult times and the voice of reason for him when he’s struggling to make a decision.

Like Mariana’s death, Katjaa’s death also came as a shock to fans. On her way to the forest with her husband to say goodbye to their son who had been bitten, Katjaa suddenly commits suicide due to the weight of the situation on her shoulders. Some players found themselves replay the episode to prevent Katjaa’s deathbut unfortunately it is unavoidable.

6 Duck

Lee Duck the Undead

Kenny and Katjaa’s 10-year-old son, Duck, is a loud, curious kid who lacks a bit of common sense. Even if he doesn’t know much about what’s going on around him, his enthusiasm cheers up the group. Duck is also Clementine’s best friend throughout the first season and has a few funny exchanges with her.

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Later in the season, it is revealed that Duck had been bitten in the side during a raid by bandits on the group’s camp. After being bitten, Duck slowly becomes sicker throughout the game before eventually being taken into the woods to be shot. Shortly after his mother’s suicide, the player chooses whether Duck is shot by Kenny or Lee before he can fully turn around or whether he revives and is left alone in the woods.

5 carley

Lee Doug Carley The Walking Dead

Appearing in the first season, Carley is a former Atlanta reporter who is quick on her feet and shoots well. Due to Carley’s history in the news, she already knows about main character Lee’s past before the rest of the group and even develops a special relationship with him.

Like Ben, Carley’s time of death occurs no matter what the player chooses. If the player chooses to save his colleague Doug for her, she is devoured by zombies in the first episode. However, if the player saves her, Carley ends up being murdered in cold blood by another party member, Lilly, who accuses her of trading drugs with enemies. Carley’s death is one of the first “shock style” deaths in gaming and fans agree that Carley should have been around a lot longer.

4 omid

Omid in Telltale's The Walking Dead

Arguably one of the show’s most carefree characters, Omid serves as comic relief throughout the first season. Omid’s warm and caring personality contrasts with that of his girlfriend Christa who is more cold and skeptical, but Omid doesn’t seem to care.

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Omid’s death was heartbreaking for many fans as he died trying to save Clementine while being held at gunpoint in a gas station restroom. Because the door closed harder than expected, Omid’s blanket is blown and he is shot in the chest. Reddit users agree Omid deserved better and that the tone of the rest of the season was dark due to the fading of his sunny presence.

3 Luke

Luke in Telltale's The Walking Dead

One of Clementine’s first parental figures after Lee’s death, Luke is a former art history student who becomes the default leader of his group upon the death of his Uncle Pete. Luke’s empathetic and kind personality, especially when caring for Clementine, is refreshing to see, as he’s one of the few people who respects her opinions.

Luke’s death comes as he attempts to cross a frozen lake with Clementine and the rest of her party. Due to the weight of all the people on the ice, Luke falls and is either dragged deeper into the waters by a zombie, or immediately freezes and drowns without the zombie pulling him. Luke’s death is heartbreaking because he begged Clementine not to help him, so she would stay safe.

2 Kenny

The Living Dead Kenny

An outspoken commercial fisherman from Florida, Kenny is a sometimes temperamental family man. Even though his attitude may be his downfall, he will defend his group to the bitter end and do anything to protect Clementine even after they reunite in season two after months apart.

Kenny’s time of death is determined by player choice and is spaced between seasons two and three depending on what is chosen. If he dies in season two, he is shot by Clementine to save another member of the group, Jane, from being stabbed by Kenny during an intense altercation. If he dies in the third season, Clementine and Kenny have a car accident after teaching him to drive and are eaten by zombies after trying to distract them so Clementine and baby AJ can escape.

1 Lee Everett

Clémentine is filming Lee Telltale's The Walking Dead.

One of the show’s most beloved characters and considered one of the best video game dads, Lee Everett is a former history teacher from Macon, Georgia who becomes the group’s leader in the first season. Despite his past of being convicted of murder, Lee proves to be the most intelligent, loving, and level-headed character.

Fans were absolutely shocked when it was revealed that Lee had been bitten on the arm towards the end of the first season. Even though there is an option to amputate Lee’s arm, he still dies, leaving fans even more heartbroken when it comes time for Clementine to put Lee down. The scene is truly heartbreaking and brought tears to the eyes of thousands of gamers and continues to linger in the memory of fans.

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