“Telangana’s English middle schools can change the fate of the next generation”

Mahababad: Head teacher of physical sciences and education researcher Dr V Gurunadha Rao said England’s middle schools can change the fate of the next generation and stressed the need to improve basic amenities such as school facilities. water, toilets for students and teachers, in addition to paying particular attention to construction. toilets for female students as part of the “Mana Ooru – Mana Badi” scheme.

Speaking to ‘Telangana Today’ in an exclusive interview regarding the state government’s pioneering program to transform public schools, he said, “Every school complex should become a resource center for teachers and students.” . “There is a need for a meeting/conference room to share ideas on innovative teaching and learning methods among faculty members, and students need to attend workshops to gain hands-on experience in more to show off their talents,” said Gurundha Rao, who had attended a two-day nationwide workshop for teachers and school leaders on the “National Professional Standards for Teachers (NPST) Guidance Document.” , under the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 recently.

“Labs and ICT centers for teachers and students at the school complex level that would function as start-up centers should be set up. Language learning labs should also be set up in schools, in addition to providing internet connection to every high school,” he said and added that every school complex should have an innovative hub with active links. with research and development players.

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He appreciated the efforts of the state government to improve facilities and provide quality education to poor students in rural areas. “Teachers working in public schools are more competent than their counterparts in private schools,” he said.

Since the government provides midday meals in schools, he said kitchens and canteens should also be built. “The constriction of the compound wall for each school and the beautification of the premises will create a good learning environment for the students,” he said and stressed the need for sports and games centers, and libraries. , as extracurricular activities contribute to the overall growth of the students. “We need to address current and emerging sustainability challenges through education by equipping learners with new skills, values ​​and attitudes that lead to more sustainable societies,” he said.

Welcoming the idea of ​​introducing English in public schools, Dr Gurundha Rao said teaching in English is different from knowing English. “Teaching needs the capacity for expression, creativity, understanding, etc. It’s not just verbal communication. Anglophone teachers must be recruited for new Anglophone schools. Subjects such as mathematics, physical sciences, social studies and biological sciences in English-speaking schools must be taught by teachers who are fundamentally fluent in English. Terminology, vocabulary, grammatical framing of sentences can only be done by teachers who are fluent in English,” he said, adding that recruiting “capable” teachers is indeed a big challenge. . He claimed that English middle schools will change the fate of the next generation.

“A favorable ecosystem must be created for the transition. Recruitment of new teachers and training of existing teachers is the need of the hour,” he said, adding that existing Telugu and Urdu schools have been partially converted to English schools. “However, we need to build new buildings because teachers also believe that by converting schools with good infrastructure into semi-residential and fully residential schools, they can provide additional support to students in the school complex.

Gurunadha Rao is currently working at ZPHS in Khambalapally village of Mahabubabad district. He has attended nearly 100 national and international conferences and presented research papers, published over 50 papers in reputable national and international journals.

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