Telangana: Private schools to reopen hostels after Dasara break | Hyderabad News


HYDERABAD: While the Telangana High Court has yet to deliver its verdict on reopening residential schools, private schools in the city and elsewhere in the state have decided to open homes this week.
Private schools, which will reopen on Monday after Dasara’s vacation, will also open hostels because those who study in boarding schools fail to learn even as their peers take physical classes. There are over 10,000 private schools and around 3,000 hostels run by private school principals across Telangana
“While many of us have already opened hostels, the rest will be reopening hostels from Monday. We have already informed parents and many are ready to send their children to hostels, ”said Y Shekhar Rao Y, president of the Telangana Recognized School Management Association (TRSMA), which has more than 10,000 low budget schools among its members. members. The TRSMA president said most of the boarding schools were located in Hyderabad, Karimnagar, Warangal, Khammam, Nizamabad, among other districts.
Heads of budget schools said parents asked them to reopen hostels citing a loss of learning. They claimed that although the High Court ordered the state not to reopen boarding schools, this does not apply to private schools because the education department of public schools does not recognize the hostels.
Principals have said they will face a loss if they do not reopen hostels as parents seek other options near their residences and they could lose admissions to nearby public schools or private schools. “We hope that attendance will increase within a week or so. Soon we will also be launching hostels for all classes, ”said S Srinivas Reddy, who runs a private school in the city.
Managers said they were prepared to take the risk of running hostels during the pandemic and would follow all Covid-19 standards on campus. Currently, more than 32 lakh students study in private schools in the state, of which about 40 percent are enrolled in boarding schools.
Quite a few of us (schools) have already opened hostels, the rest will reopen hostels from Monday. We have already challenged parents and many are willing to send their children to hostels

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