Tamil Nadu Universities visit factories to offer BSc, BE to employees | Chennai News

CHENNAI: The symbiosis is now complete. From university students to industrial training, universities are now visiting companies to offer degrees to employees.
If all goes as planned, 200 female employees of Tata Electronics Private Limited in Hosur will start studying BSc Manufacturing Science, an exclusive degree program for Bharathiar University employees, at their own factory from July.
Those young women who joined the labor market after completing Class XII of Underdeveloped Areas will earn the regular degree by studying in their free time and at no cost. About sixty female graduates will begin BE Manufacturing Engineering studies in the same plant from 2022-23.
Anna University has requested permission from AICTE to start the study programme. The Department of Higher Education had announced at the meeting that the Engineering Study Program under Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) for industrial personnel will be introduced to provide them with higher education opportunities .
The BSc Manufacturing Science program has 140 credits with a period of three years under the semester system.
“This is the very first WIL program for corporate employees to be offered in the country,” said P Kaliraj, Vice Chancellor of Bharathiar University. The university has signed the MoU with Tata Electronics Private Limited and will send faculty members to the company’s premises to attend classes. The company will bear the costs.
“Quality manpower to work in the field of manufacturing is very limited. The program is designed with an emphasis on teaching the fundamentals, the principles of electronics, the transmission of application and effective use of various tools. The degree will help them achieve higher qualifications and achieve high paying jobs while they are still working,” he added.
Candidates fill entry-level positions such as CNC lathe, operation, quality department, and chemical technicians. The university also organizes bridging courses for these employees to prepare them for university programs. Anna University will offer BE Manufacturing Engineering to graduate employees.
“We have applied to AICTE to start the degree program at the factory. We are going to delegate faculty members to take courses at the factory. engineering schools,” R Velraj, Vice Chancellor of Anna University, told TOI.
Mando Automotive Private India Limited in Sriperumbudur has also approached Anna University with a similar proposal to enable its graduate employees to obtain degrees under the WIL scheme. “The university is studying the proposal. We expect many more such proposals once we start the course,” he added.

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