Stock up on African American literature, art and collectibles with AbeBooks

From classic writers like Maya Angelou, Zora Neale Hurston, and James Baldwin to modern authors like Colson Whitehead and Margaret Wilkerson Sexton, the African American literature archive is teeming with talent. For those looking to fill their library with must-read fiction and nonfiction, AbeBooks has compiled a list that celebrates some of the essential past and present works of African American writers.

AbeBooks is a global online website that facilitates the sale of books, art and collectibles. With a selection of listings covering millions of books and other items, AbeBooks is a great marketplace to help you discover and buy the things you love. Case in point: those reasonably priced, must-have books by African-American authors.

Want a classic fiction? Grab a copy of Richard Wright native sun, an unforgettable story of murder, racism and poverty in the American inner city. Do you prefer a more contemporary work? Discover Jesmyn Ward’s novel about a family traveling through rural Mississippi, Sing, without burial, sing. More of a non-fiction reader? you will love Chiffon trench coatsthe detailed memoir of legendary creative director and fashion journalist André Leon Talley.

For more must-read options, be sure to check out the full list here. And if you want to broaden the search beyond books, there are plenty of other items to explore on the AbeBooks site!

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