Staff blues: Himachal Prades to the rescue of private universities: The Tribune India

Bhanu P Lhumi

Tribune press service

Shimla, December 6

With a significant number of ineligible faculty occupying positions in state universities, the Himachal Pradesh Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Commission decided to create a pool of qualified applicants to assist institutions in the universities. recruitments.

After reviewing documents from 16 private universities, the commission found that around 10-15% of faculty members were not eligible for their respective positions. It was found that faculty members did not meet UGC standards and some universities did not notify the commission about the NET or PhD exemption.

Major General Atul Kaushik (retired), president, said when selecting 12 universities earlier, 30-40% of professors were deemed ineligible. The wrong institutions have been asked to replace ineligible faculty, he said.

“Another area of ​​concern is the lack of permanent teachers. It was decided that a pool of qualified teachers from public universities would be created to help institutions recruit teachers with PhDs and NET qualifications, ”he said.

There are complaints of irregularities in some colleges. An inspection committee has been set up.

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