Sri Aurobindo: 150 universities should be involved in writing articles on the life of Sri Aurobindo: PM Modi | India News

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday suggested that 150 universities across the country should be involved in writing articles on different aspects of the life and philosophy of spiritual leader Sri Aurobindo to commemorate his 150th birthday.
Sri Aurobindo was born on August 15, 1872 in Calcutta, West Bengal.
Prime Minister Modi chaired the first meeting of a high-level committee formed to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s birth, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Culture.
Govind Mohan, Secretary (Culture), made a presentation on the roadmap for the celebrations and sought the advice of committee members to commemorate the occasion in a dignified manner, the statement said.
The committee includes 53 members from various backgrounds.
According to the statement, 38 of the 53 members were present at the meeting, virtually or physically.
“Speaking on this occasion, the Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to esteemed members for their valuable thoughts and suggestions on the commemoration of Sri Aurobindo,” the statement said.
Modi said that it is the responsibility of India as the spiritual leader of the world to contribute in terms of spiritualism to nations around the world.
“He suggested that 150 universities across the country be involved in writing articles on different aspects of Sri Aurobindo’s life and philosophy and the 150 articles that will be published on this occasion,” the statement said.
The prime minister proposed to launch celebrations for the commemoration of Sri Aurobindo from Pondicherry, coinciding with the celebration of National Youth Day, he said.
“This will encourage young people to visit Pondicherry and learn more about his life and teachings, where Sri Aurobindo spent his life from 1910 to 1950,” the statement said.
Modi recalled fondly his discussions as chief minister of Gujarat with Kireet Joshi, who was a disciple of Sri Aurobindo, the statement noted.
“He (Modi) said that these discussions enriched him with the reflections of Sri Aurobindo, which were deeply reflected when he was working on the preparation of the national education policy,” he added.
The prime minister also said that Joshi’s literature on Sri Aurobindo should be widely distributed across the world.

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