Sports Marketing Company Creates Specific Services to Help Colleges and Their Athletes Take Advantage of New Name, Image and Likeness Laws Enacted in Six States


For years the debate raged that college athletes are not “paid to play” while their respective schools have benefited from their top stars, resulting in increased profits from television rights. , ticket sales and souvenirs. For the past four years, the NCAA has maintained a task force whose sole purpose has been the creation of new rules and guidelines that would enable the NIL. However, these new rules and guidelines did not materialize. Six States – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas – took matters into their own hands, replacing the NCAA.

From 1st of July, it will be legal in these states for athletes to earn money with NIL. In total, 33 of FBS ‘130 football programs – or about a quarter – reside in these states. As a result, the NCAA met last week to provide interim guidance, however, varsity athletes – and the universities they play for – will now be able to participate in NIL activities that are “within the law.” Sports marketing company 3 Big Wheels has developed a program for universities and athletes to help with transition and maximize success.

“With the opening of NIL, there is an incredible opportunity for universities and athletes to stand out. Now is the time to build that foundation. Universities that build an appropriate program to support their collegiate athletes will also have an advantage in recruitment matters, “mentioned Michael kenny iii, founder and president of 3 Big Wheels. “There is a lot of uncertainty right now regarding the federal and state legislature. However, universities and athletes who are flexible to pass legislation when it is passed will have a clear competitive advantage.”

The new services offered by 3 Big Wheels are aimed specifically at universities and their college athletes. This is a comprehensive program that includes NIL training for athletes and teachers, compliance (federal and state by state level) and marketing of the success of the NIL program – which will facilitate future recruiting.

Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Nebraska and Oregon have bills at different stages that would come into force on the same date. For states without NIL laws, athletes will be able to freely engage in NIL activities, earn money by signing autographs or endorsement agreements, but schools and conferences in those states “may choose to adopt. their own policies “. according to interim policy by the NCAA.

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About 3 large wheels
3 Big Wheels helps athletes build their personal brand. Comprised of GoPro alumni with expertise in corporate branding, they have translated branding on a personal level to help athletes earn additional income on top of their athletic contracts. 3 Big Wheels has scored hundreds of athletes across all major sports. With the advent of the NIL in the college space, 3 Big Wheels has translated its brand model to help universities and their athletes take full advantage of the opportunities of the NIL (Name, Image and Likeness). For more info go to: E-mail: [email protected]

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