Rotary Anniversary Celebrations at Abu Bakr Basir Islamic Boarding School, Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture talks about national values

Coordinating Minister of Human Development and Culture (PMK), Muhadjir Efendi led the 77th anniversary celebrations at Al-Muqmin Ngruki Islamic Boarding School, Sukoharjo. He advised students to stay productive while welcoming the demographic bonus.

The ceremony started at 07:00 WIB at the grounds of Al-Muqmin Islamic Boarding School. The other witnesses were the founder of Al-Muqmin Islamic boarding school, Ustaz Abu Bakr Bassier, Dandim 0726/Sukoharjo Lt Col Czi Slamet Riyadi and Sukoharjo police chief, AKBP Wahu Nugroho.

As overseer of the ceremony, Muhadjir began his speech by inviting the audience to be grateful for the blessings of freedom. He then said that the students would be the harbingers of Indonesia’s golden age.

Muhadjir, Wednesday (8/17/2022) said, “If this population of productive age works productively with the support of noble character, God willing, we can harvest it in a developed country.”

He advised students to study and work hard to deepen religious knowledge. However, he reminded the students to strengthen their general knowledge as well.

“I advise these students of Al Muqmin to keep learning, to never give up working hard to excel. Study religious knowledge as deeply as you can, but also remember to explore the common sense that our disposition is very important. This world lives on,” he said.

“We know very well that without excellence in this world, we could not excel in the hereafter. Why, because everything we put into this world will essentially be reaped in the hereafter”

He also talked about the rights and obligations of Indonesians. Each society is invited to defend national values.

“Therefore, no child of the nation should feel that they are not part of the Indonesian nation,” he said.

“Therefore, at the same time, we are obliged to uphold the national values ​​established by the founding fathers, heroes, scholars, martyrs who together participated in the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia and at the same time fought desperately for the Indonesian Independence Republic,” he said.

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