Rockstar’s 10 best Bully characters

Video game developer Rockstar creates games like no other. Not only is the developer the gold standard of the sandbox game, their characters are also unique and full of that classic Rockstar tongue-in-cheek humor. It’s not any clearer than with its cult classic game from 2006, Bully.

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The game is essentially a more PG version of the Grand Theft Auto series, as players control Jimmy, who is sent to a boarding school and meets a multitude of strange characters. Whether it’s a homeless man who lives behind a school bus or a perverted gym teacher, the characters in Bully are uniquely Rockstar-esque.

ten Pete Kowalski

Pete walks through a garden in Bully

Of all the characters in Bully, Pete is the most outcast, even more so than the Nerds. Like Jimmy and Gary, Pete doesn’t belong to the Nerds, the Preps, or any of the other factions, but there’s no reason why. The fact that in the game’s first cutscenes, Pete limps, but again, it’s not explained how he got it.

Pete is also one of the smartest students in the entire Academy and a decent sidekick to Jimmy. But above all else, he’s the healthiest character in the game. Even nerds are known to intimidate others, and professors are horrible to each other as well, but Pete doesn’t have a hard time saying anything about anyone.

9 Russell northrop

Russell is about to fight Jimmy in Bully

The title of the video game is Bully, and Russell is the most obvious representation. It encompasses everything about a tyrant everyone has come into contact with at least once in their youth because he’s tall, stupid, and aggressive. But it gets even more interesting when Jimmy takes it down with a shot or two after a boss fight, and Russell learns to respect the people he once bullied. He becomes loyal to Jimmy and even offers to be his bodyguard.

The character is also unique for several reasons, as he is the only student who can ride a motorcycle. On top of that, he is the only student whose childhood home is known and, interestingly, it is in the wealthier part of Old Bullworth Vale. This means that he is the only student in this region who is not a preparer. It’s a story just waiting to be told in a sequel.


8 Mr. Burton

Mr. Burton meets the principal in disguise at Bully

Mr. Burton is a hilarious and stereotypical portrayal of a gym teacher, as he’s a bald alpha man who thinks that if the students don’t do well at dodgeball, they’ll be for naught. But as a cliché stereotype, he’s also a huge creep.

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The character is a sleazeball, as he makes Jimmy steal underwear from the girls’ dorms. But players are able to gently revenge the creep in one of the game’s most exciting missions. While Burton is in a potty doing his business, Jimmy uses a tractor to push him down the hill.

7 Gary Smith

Jimmy and Gary

Bully It might be one of the Rockstar games that fans forget, but Gary Smith is hard to forget. While there are tons of different characters that the game’s title could refer to, including the main one himself, the most likely of all is Gary.

Gary has ambitious plans to take over Bullworth Academy and run the school by spring. And given that Gary seems borderline psychotic, Jimmy and Gary’s rivalry almost looks like a high school Batman and Joker. Fan theories also make the character more interesting, as some believe Gary is actually a werewolf.

6 Ms. Philips

Mrs Philips goes on a date in Bully

There are plenty of memorable teachers in the game, including the aforementioned Dr. Watts and Mr. Burton, but Ms. Philips is by far the most interesting. Since all teachers use Jimmy to do the dirty work for them, Ms. Philips is no different.

Ms Philips asked Jimmy to do one of his worst acts in the game, as he was getting her boyfriend out of a mental institution. However, she’s one of the few teachers who loves Jimmy, so any encounters with her are surprisingly pleasant. She’s also hilarious and pretentious, as she gives her critical analyzes of students’ silliest works of art.

5 Algernon Papadopoulos

Algernon dancing in Bully's library

Despite being an introverted Nerd, Algernon is still one of the more eccentric characters in video games, as is known even from rap on occasion. And even though he’s one of the most intimidated characters in the game, he’s still a bit of a bully himself, and the insults he hurls at people are hilarious.

Due to his strange hatred of mayonnaise, Algernon often calls people he dislikes “mayonnaise stain” and “mayonnaise face”. But the best thing about the character from a player’s point of view is their hiding place. When Algernon invites Jimmy to use Dragon’s Wing Comics as a refuge, the player has access to the arcade game ConSumo, and it’s one of the best mini-games in a video game.

4 Edna

Edna cooks school lunch for Bully

Edna is the cafeteria lady at Bullworth Academy, and in real life, no one in their right mind would ever eat the food she serves. The slop she’s making is full of her saliva, germs, and cigarette smoke, and she genuinely believes that adds flavor. She also has a terrifying, manic laugh, similar to that of a Joker.

Some of the more interesting missions in the game are given to Edna, such as Jimmy having to collect ingredients, protect her during a food fight in the cafeteria, and protect her when she has dates. RGT is known for his savage crimes, but Edna’s biggest crime was falling in love with Dr. Watts.

3 Jimmy hopkins

Rockstar Games Bully Stair Slide

It’s easy to believe that the game’s title is named after playable character Jimmy Hopkins, although it isn’t. According to BBC News, this is the reason why Rockstar changed the name of the game to Canis Canem Edit UK.

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However, Jimmy is anything but a tyrant, and he spends most of the game protecting the weaker characters from the real tyrants in the game. The character is a true worker hero. Other than that, not much is known about him other than the fact that he was kicked out of seven schools and his mother got married five times.

2 the homeless man

The Hobo scares Gary and Pete in Bully

When it comes to the game’s Big Brother series, there are so many fascinating things Grand Theft Auto locations, and it’s no different with Bully. However, players don’t have to travel far to find one of the most interesting places in the game.

The “Hobo” resides behind an old school bus in a secret area of ​​the Bullworth Academy campus, and the war veteran / conspiracy theorist is full of fun anecdotes. Not only that, but he teaches Jimmy new fighting skills in exchange for transistors, but it could also just be an excuse for him to fight kids.

1 Dr Crabblesnitch

Dr Crabblesnitch in his office in Bully

There are plenty of great Grand Theft Auto clones, and Bully is one of the best. This isn’t just because it was created by the same developer, but because it closely mirrors the antagonists of the acclaimed series. Dr Crabblesnitch, the director of Bullworth Academy, looks a lot like corrupt FBI agents in GTA IV, because he has power over the protagonists due to his level of authority.

Dr Crabblesnitch is the worst tyrant because he abuses his power to take advantage of school children. He is an authoritarian tyrant and punishes students whether they deserve it or not. But no matter how he treats the students, he has the best one-liners of any other character.

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