Rishi Sunak’s daughters taught ‘British values’ at £44,000/year school with Harper Beckham

Rachel Avery

Conservative MP Rishi Sunak sends his daughters, Krishna and Anoushka, to a private primary school for girls where Victoria and David Beckhamthe daughter of harpist is also a student.

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Glendower Prep is located in South Kensington, an affluent area of ​​London and the annual fee is £22,350 a year, meaning he spends over £44,000 for them both to attend.

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The school prides itself on its excellent standards and high grades. In addition to the more academic side, the school offers on the sports level with participants taking part in three physical education classes per week.

The list of extracurricular activities includes a wide range of hobbies, including swimming, netball, computer coding and even classes at Chelsea Ballet School.

Rishi pays over £44,000 a year for his children’s education

Lunch menus are available on the school’s website, revealing that students are feasting on modest lunches of jacket potatoes, meatballs and pizza.

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Another section of the site explains that ‘British values’ are instilled in school, promoting ‘tolerance’ and ‘celebrating diversity’ to help girls prepare for life in modern Britain.

Although this annual bill may already seem quite expensive, the MP is ready to shell out more in September when his eldest daughter goes to boarding school, resulting in annual costs of 41,250 per year!

Rishi himself attended a boarding school, Winchester College, which now charges £45,936 a year if students use the dorms.

Harper Beckham also attends the same school

The politician, his wife Akshata Murthy and their two daughters split their time between their many impressive homes in the UK and overseas. There is a townhouse in London and a large residence in North Yorkshire, as well as a pad in Santa Monica, California, and a separate flat in central London.

If Rishi is successful in his race to become the next Prime Minister, he could potentially move the family to Number 10 or Number 11 Downing Street.

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