Puma Teams Up With 10KTF Shop For Its Biggest Web3 Collab Yet

Sportswear brand Puma is expanding its presence in the metaverse by partnering with 10KTF Shop, an NFT project that includes a virtual floating city “New Tokyo” and digital clothing for profile picture avatars.

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The store is known for its streetwear offerings and is owned by a fictional digital craftsman called Wagmi-San. The character’s name is a play on the Web3 phrase “wagmi”, short for “we’re all going to get there”.

News of the partnership was shared at an event hosted by 10KTF in New York. The event was one of many held during the week of NFT.NYC, a conference attended by crypto industry professionals, traders and other Web3 enthusiasts.

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The official announcement confirms weeks of speculation after Puma tweeted a video showcasing the new take on a classic sneaker. Camouflaged in the video is a frame with the store’s logo and Wagmi-san in front of its window. Despite how hidden it may have been, the subtle clue was quickly uncovered and fueled conversations around its meaning to 10KTF collectors.

Bringing a physical layer to the digital experience

“Puma appreciates the extremely engaged and passionate community that Wagmi-san has nurtured,” said Adam Petrick, Chief Brand Officer at Puma. “We are thrilled to join 10KTF and bring a physical layer to today’s digital experience.”

Wagmi-San has previously hinted at his ambitions to bring physical goods beyond the Metaverse.

“Thanks to the rise of our 10KTF community and like-minded artisans at Puma, one of my long-held dreams is coming true. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring our craftsmanship and stories into the physical realm and usher in a new era for New Tokyo,” he said.

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For now, New Tokyo includes 10KTF collectors, plus 16 additional NFT communities. This includes Gutter Cat Gang and Cool Cats, which have also partnered with Puma as the sports brand becomes increasingly active in the Web3 space.

Last month, Puma also launched an immersive sports-based experience called “Puma and the Land of Games” on Roblox, a global online gaming and game creation platform.

Further details on the 10KTF Shop project will be released in the coming months, Puma said.

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