President calls for accelerated efforts to increase university enrollment rates

President calls for accelerated efforts to increase university enrollment rates

President Dr. Arif Alvi stressed the need to accelerate efforts to increase enrollment rates in universities, especially in the computer and engineering sectors, in order to meet market demand in qualified graduates.

Presiding over a meeting with vice-chancellors, rectors of federally chartered universities and degree-granting institutions in Islamabad on Wednesday, he said countries in the region were producing far more university graduates than Pakistan and our universities. should focus on the promotion of and distance education to increase the number of bachelor’s and master’s graduates in the country.

The president urged universities to equip their students with marketable skills by developing university-industry linkages to improve graduate employment rate in Pakistan. He also called for concerted efforts to improve the quality of virtual education through properly designed online courses and better methods of dissemination and evaluation of content.

In his remarks, the Minister of Education stressed the need to produce quality graduates by focusing on competency-based education, faculty development and investing in laboratories and associated educational institutions. .

The meeting discussed various proposals to increase the number of BS and MS graduates, in addition to exchanging views on HEC’s online and distance education policy and its criteria for ranking universities.

Considering the market demand for a skilled workforce, the meeting also discussed the prospects of introducing associate’s degrees (2-year degrees) in different fields and improving the quality and standard. of higher education in Pakistan.

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