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Today marked the start of the new academic year at the University of National and World Economy. It started for more than 16,000 students, including 4,000 freshmen.

On the first day of school, a mobile vaccination team started working at the University of National and World Economy.

The new academic year at UNWE started today. If necessary, however, we will move on to online training. In the country, according to the Minister of Education, universities, in general, will begin to be present. In some places, however, the lectures will be online, and only the practical exercises – in person. Depending on the situation, there may be changes.

The new school year at UNWE was solemnly opened in Aula Maxima by the rector Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov. With four thousand freshmen and increased admission for singles. But also security measures at the entrance, with masks and with fewer people invited to the party. The year will start here.

“We count on compliance with the measures and with good discipline and self-discipline so as not to have problems with the current formation.”

Can this be done online?

“It is possible that we have a full technical capacity and that we can pass literally in two hours,” said Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov, rector of UNWE.

Over 90% of students want face-to-face study, they say here.

The Minister of Education, Professor Nikolay Denkov, was also present at the opening of the school year. According to him, all over the country it is possible to start the academic year in person. Most of the directorates have made this decision.

“There are several universities where it is decided to start online courses only, while all the practical exercises are present … If there is an increase in the percentage of patients at the respective universities, it will be a decision to the Academic Directorate, the other option is to switch to distance education. If there is a sharp deterioration in the situation, then the Ministry of Health has the right to suspend the courses, ”said Professor Nikolai Denkov, Acting Minister of Education and Science.

On October 1, it will become clear which university will start and how the minister added. And now it is clear, however, that at Sofia University 8 of the 16 faculties start in person. They are related to natural sciences and medicine. The rest will study mixed. At the University of Medicine of Plovdiv, the training will also be blended – the lectures will be online. Exercise is present, but vaccination or PCR testing is required.

The year will begin entirely at the Svishtov University of Economics.

“This is how we started the face-to-face classes with part-time students on September 1 and today with full-time students. We hope that the epidemic situation does not worsen so that we can continue.” , said Prof. Mariana. Bozhilova, rector of the Svishtov Academy of Economics.

The new school year at UNWE opened with a vaccination point. The goal is to vaccinate as many students as possible to learn in person. So far, 30% of the country’s students have been vaccinated.

“We believe that students can be a good example for everyone and therefore we strongly support this initiative,” said Angel Stoykov, president of the UNWE Student Council.

“I want to appeal to all students who want to be vaccinated,” said Toma Tomov, acting deputy health minister.

However, only one student is vaccinated in three hours.

The item will remain in the court of UNWE for the next few days.


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