Not all high schools are the same. Discover an amazing non-selective international state boarding school right on your doorstep

Dallam School recommends five things you should consider before completing the School Preferences Form with your child.

1. Courses

Most public high schools offer a similar program. It is important to know that the teachers delivering the program have the best knowledge and experience to do so. All teachers at Dallam School are subject matter experts – they know the subject matter inside out. They have a personal interest in keeping abreast of current thinking and in developing creative and innovative teaching methods.

2. Be happy

Happy and confident students are more likely to get the most out of their school years. Dallam’s pastoral care – including a dedicated, non-teaching pastoral team – provides expert academic, social and emotional support.

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3. Have friends

Friendships can change drastically after high school starts, so make sure the choice isn’t primarily based on where their friends go. As an international state boarding school, students choose to join Dallam from all over the UK and around the world. Our welcoming and inclusive ethos and highly skilled team are well-honed in helping students settle in quickly and make friends.

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4. Independence

Unique to South Lakeland, Dallam offers flexi-boarding with no tuition to pay. The Flexi boarding school provides an environment where students can learn to be more responsible for themselves, their work and their friendships.

Students enjoy a multitude of social activities every evening. With the school day and homework taken care of, flexible boarding allows families to spend quality time together. It’s perfect for families who want to experience the benefits of boarding school for personal development, but not every day. Additionally, mingling with boarding school students will allow your child to form friendships outside of Cumbria and the UK.

5. Preparing for the future

Which school will prepare your child for the future? Dallam understands that students’ ambitions grow and change over time, which is why their career program spans 7th through 6th grade to help them develop an early awareness of career opportunities. employment, training and further/higher education and how this affects choices they make.

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The Westmorland Gazette:

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