No new self-funding courses in PPP mode in Odisha universities

Governor of Odisha and Chancellor of Universities, Prof. Ganeshi Lal has ordered all public state universities not to allow new self-funded courses (SFCs) in public-private partnership (PPP) mode.

Lal gave the direction while suggesting a series of measures to rationalize self-financing courses in public state universities. PPP mode means that an SFC is managed by a university through or in collaboration with a private organization.

The Chancellor expressed his deep concern about the way CFS is currently managed in public state universities; especially how self-funding courses tend to overshadow the ‘regular courses’ of the relevant universities.

The Chancellor wants state public universities to focus fully on providing high quality ‘regular courses’ for the benefit of ‘regular courses’ students who are normally from economically weaker households, wrote Saswat Mishra, Secretary principal of the governor, in a letter to the Vice-Chancellors of all the universities.

Universities may consider organizing, to a limited extent, some self-funding courses where needed.

Here are more guidelines issued by the Chancellor to streamline self-funding courses

  • Student enrollment for all SFCs (direct mode and PPP mode) combined must not exceed 20% of the total student enrollment for all regular courses. For example, if a university has an enrollment of 600 students per year in all regular courses taken together, it can organize SFCs for a maximum enrollment of 120 students per year.
  • If the current enrollment of SFC students at a university is above the cap mentioned above, it shall be reduced to the prescribed cap limit for the academic year 2022-23 by reducing the number of SFC seats and/ or removing some not-so-performing SFCs. Each SFC. which is currently ongoing, will be critically reviewed by the University Union/Management Council and an appropriate decision should be made by the Union! Board of Management no later than 30.06.2022 regarding the continuation or termination of these SFCS, as the case may be. CCCs that will be discontinued will not have new admission of students from the 2022-23 academic year. These SFCs will only continue for another year or two. as the case may be, until the death of the last group of students already admitted.
  • Subject to the student enrollment cap mentioned above, new SFCs may be created in the future by universities as needed. However, all new SFCs must run in ‘Direct Mode’. New SFCs in “PPP mode” are not allowed at all. (Direct mode means that an SFC is run by a university directly by itself without involvement of any private organization. Public-private partnership (PPP) mode means that an SFC is run by a university through or in collaboration with a private organization.)
  • Admission of students to CFS should be through an open, merit-based selection process.

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