National police chief urges all parties to be wary of identity politics ahead of 2024 election

TEMPO.CO, kediri National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo reminded all parties to be aware of identity politics ahead of the 2024 general election. They feared it would lead to division. This was said during a meeting with Kiya at Al Falah Islamic Boarding School, Ploso Village, Mojo District, Kediri Regency.

“Indonesia has entered the year of politics. So, of course, I should always be able to recall that in 2019 we had an identity politics without an identity, therefore a partition. Identity Politics,” said Kediri, SIGIT in East Java on Saturday, August 6, 2022.

The national police chief said that in 2019, division or polarization was everywhere because of identity politics. In fact, the situation is still the same today.

He said, “The way our society is known for being tolerant, Gotong ryong bien, is changing now. For example, choosing a president is different from neighbors who used to greet each other every day, now they don’t want to. Eh.”

Like it or not, we also have to realize that the 2024 election is just one step away, he said. For this reason, he hopes there will be no problem in the community.

“I emphasize and certainly intend that nothing can be maximized except the help of academics. In 2024, we will prevent the community from being divided, affected by identity politics, by the way,” a- he declared.

sthat works The hope is that the candidates for the head of state will later participate in the community engagement with a positive program competition so that the community can see that what is being campaigned for is appropriate. If it matches the figure, I will definitely choose it.

He called on the public not to be swayed by various issues that can divide national unity. The audience should also be smart and not be swayed by various types of information that cannot be explained or deceived.

“Never let anything divide us, Sara, hate speech, hoaxes. This shouldn’t happen again. Our job is to remind ourselves of that. If someone comes across a cell phone (cheating) we will take it down,” he said. They said.

He is optimistic that if the country is protected from various fraud issues, there will be fairly good economic growth, including being able to keep up with inflation.

“Maintaining key economic growth requires stability and security, the hard work of the community,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gus Kautsar, the warden of PP Al Falah, Ploso village in Mojo district of Kediri Regency, said the visit by the national police chief was a visit of friendship.

The head of the national police also requested the help of the ulema to participate in securing the situation before the general elections of 2024. “We were asked to help secure the position and to cheer us on. More importantly, we are securing the position in preparation for the political year while maintaining security. In principle, we strongly believe that students have the ability to participate in the security policy year,” Gus Kautsar said.

Listyo National Police Chief General Sigit Prabowo visited two Islamic boarding schools in Kediri namely Al Falah Islamic Boarding School in Ploso Village, Mojo District, Kediri Regency and PP Lirboyo, Kediri Town.

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