Mitch and Mark reject suggestion drama on The Block 2021 was “amplified” in their revealing podcast interview with Josh and Luke

There is no doubt that the 2021 season of The block was one of the most dramatic seasons in the show’s history due to the schedule photo cheating scandal. But that doesn’t mean nothing has been polished off for good television, according to Mitch and Mark’s comments in their latest podcast episode.

The Sydney couple and season 17 winners were about to wrap up their interview with Josh and Luke for their podcast Reality Reno with Mitch and Mark when Luke asked about the amount of drama on the show.

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“It’s great to ask that question, I think, coming from you doing two seasons. With this season, do you think they’ve really amped up the drama…made people look worse than they were in series ?” asked Luke.

“I think this one was a lot more dramatic than your first season (The Oslo in 2019).”

Mitch said no and explained that there was no need for anything to be “amplified”.

“I don’t think so. I think we gave them so much drama this season that they had all the material. Like you can cut and edit things and twist reality but… the first season, because the build was so great, I don’t think they had that much drama, so to have drama you probably had to be a little bit more creative than you did this season,” Mitch said.

After hearing Mitch and Mark’s thoughts, Luke confessed that he wished Season 17 had featured a bit more of the building process, which he felt was covered more in the Oslo season.

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Mitch and Mark first competed on The Block in 2019. (Nine)

Josh and Luke had the chance to ask Mitch and Mark after being interviewed about their own lives and experiences on love island australia and The block.

However, some of the most interesting revelations weren’t about their time on television, but about their younger years.

They told Mitch and Mark that their parents sent them to boarding school when they were 12 because of bad behavior. Although it was a rather positive experience for the twins, going to King’s School was a financial strain for their parents.

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“It’s definitely been brought to our attention several times if you misbehave continuously we’re going to send you to boarding school because we’re out of ideas. We knew this was coming but we never thought they’d send us to boarding school. boarding school until it happened,” Josh told Mitch and Mark.

“We are certainly responsible ourselves for having been sent to boarding school, but in a way we needed it.”

After high school, Josh and Luke had to make decisions about their future. Josh briefly dabbled in finance while Luke moved to the UK aged around 20-21 to join the Royal Marine Commandos.

Once he went through the “gruesome” selection process, Luke returned to Australia for six months, but soon found that his military career was not possible for health reasons.

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“My calves just weren’t recovering. I was going for a run and so on and my legs just weren’t doing what they were supposed to – I was still in pain. So I went and had them checked and I a compartment syndrome in both of my calves in each compartment,” Luke revealed.

Luke explained that the condition was linked to “a balloon structure” around the muscle, which allows the muscles to expand during exercise. However, the syndrome means Luke’s muscles don’t have room to expand and get the blood they need.

The Block Auction 2021
Mitch and Mark confronted Josh and Luke on The Block and remained friends. (New)

Since the diagnosis, Luke has had leg operations and was a week away from another round of operations when he recorded the podcast interview with Mitch and Mark.

As for the future, Josh and Luke have joined forces in a synthetic turf business which they plan to expand using the profits they made from the sale of their home in The block auction. The twins made $530,000 when the property they renovated sold for $3,930,000.

Luke is also set to become a father, with his first baby just weeks away from birth.

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