Liberty County Historical Commission sponsors premier history, arthouse competition

The LCHC competition committee includes (left to right) Sheryl Pannell, committee chair; and Sandra Sterling and Beverly Davis. Not pictured Gloria Stratton, Pat Mange, Pat Blaike and Susan Rice.

The Liberty County Historical Commission (LCHC) is sponsoring its first art essay competition on history and all young Liberty County residents between the ages of 5 and 18 are invited to participate.

The goal of the Liberty County Historical Commission is to promote and preserve the historical and prehistoric resources of the county. In this context, the Commission invites the public to get involved in the history of Liberty County through an arthouse competition open to all young people, aged 5 to 18 in the county.

This year, the focus will be on a person, place or event in the history of Liberty County which is directly or indirectly linked to any type of trade, work, industry or business in the county. Directly related means someone who had their own business, business, industry or institution. An example of a direct link could be an individual who created a historic place, business or industry such as boarding house, hospital, cotton mill where he himself created an entity for the benefit of Liberty County.

An indirect link would be a person, place or historical event that did not start a business or trade but had the experience of one of them, such as a patient in a hospital, a slave in a plantation, an employee in a particular industry, or an affiliate support company who has assisted an industry in the county. A child can also choose to write or create art about one of their own ancestors involved in commerce, business, work, etc. See the last page for a short list of suggested (not exhaustive) people, places and institutions as possible ideas.

Registration and instructions can be picked up, completed, and returned, along with your registration, at any Liberty County public library, including Cleveland, Dayton, Liberty and Tarkington. You do not have to be a resident of this community for your child to enter a room. If you live outside the communes of these libraries, simply bring your entry to the nearest library. Only one submission per child. Please follow the instructions carefully.

There will be up to five prizes awarded for art and up to five prizes for an essay, one for each age group in the competition for a maximum total of 10 prizes for the county. Entries will be judged on the developmental age group as follows:

Registrations will be accepted between July 12, 2021 and August 28. The registration deadline is August 28. Entries should be deposited in a Liberty County public library. All works will be on display at the library during the registration period. All entries will be collected after August 28 and judged during the week. Winners will be notified at the awards ceremony on Monday, September 6, 6:30 p.m., at Jack Hartel Bldg., 318 San Jacinto, Liberty TX, where they will receive an award certificate and gift.

Art: There is no minimum size for works of art. However, drawings, paintings or sculptures must not measure more than 12 “X14” (inches) and / or weigh more than 12 pounds.

Drawings and paintings must have at least one matte cardboard border with a cardboard backing attached. (This is to protect the job and support the display.) The master panel is not required if a frame is used. Artwork can be framed in clear plastic frames with built-in brackets (Walmart or any big box store offers these for a nominal cost.) Or traditional frames can also be used as long as a bracket is included in the package. frame ; Some libraries will not allow art to hang on their walls. No glass in the frames is allowed. Remove the glass from any frame. Any entry with glass will be disqualified.

Sculptures can include any medium, including plaster cast, clay, wood, metal, paper or any other solid material; but NO glass (or very sharp edges that can cut) is allowed and should not exceed the 12 pound weight limit. Sculptures must not exceed 12 “W X12” L X14 “H in size. Any sculpture with glass or sharp edges that can cut will be disqualified.

TEST Entries: Written works must do not exceed 900 words. All essays must have a signature under the title or at the end of the essay with the entry number (no names). (See Entry Instructions.) They can also be framed according to the rules for artistic entries above. Entries will be collected from the libraries in a notebook and a copy kept for the records of the Liberty County Historical Commission office. Writings do not need to be framed. The winning works will be submitted to local newspapers for public reading.

JUDGING: A panel of Commission volunteers will judge the applications. All entries will be deemed “blind”. A number will be assigned to each registration registration with a corresponding number on the actual registered work. (See the registration form.)

Art will be judged on 1.) the ability to convey historical significance (the “what, where and how”, and Why this is important for the incoming); 2.) originality, and 3.) excellence in performance — composition and character of the piece.

Testing will be judged on 1.) the ability to convey historical significance, (the “what, where and how” and Why it is important); 2.) originality, and 3.) excellence in a well thought out idea, composition of writing, correct syntax, spelling.

An adult can help a child decide on the topic or their work, but can in no way help the production from the entrance.

All works will be judged on the basis of their age. No 18-year-old who has already graduated from high school is eligible for this competition.

Sample topics are included on the instruction sheet or can be an idea for a historical marker that can be found throughout the county on an event, place or person. Any idea from a published story from Liberty County, TX.

For more information, please email County President Linda Jamison: [email protected] or phone: 936-334-5813.

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