Kate Middleton and Prince William are arguing over how to raise Prince George, according to Royal Gossip

Are Kate Middleton and Prince William disagree on how they plan to raise Prince George as he gets older? A tabloid claims the Duke and Duchess are motionless. Here’s what we know.

William and Kate in ‘Boarding School Battle’?

This week, Way of life reports that Prince William and Kate Middleton are at odds over a British royal tradition: boarding school. Since Prince George is now 8 – the same age William was when he enrolled in a boys’ boarding school – Middleton is apparently cold-blooded about sending him. William, a source says, thinks it’s a great experience for a young boy if you give him a chance. “It took a while to adjust, but once he does, William loves it,” the insider explains.

But Middleton is more hesitant. “Kate can’t imagine what it will be like to come home after a busy day and not be able to see George’s face. The very thought brings her to tears,” the tipster confides. monarchy, not to follow old and stuffy traditions.But William still demands that George go to boarding school, just like he did.

Is Prince George boarding school related?

We’re not immediately buying the story from this tabloid for a few key reasons. First of all, we struggle to see how this “insider” would have access to such personal information. According to the story, Prince William and Kate Middleton aren’t even settled on the matter, so we seriously doubt they leaked any information to the tabloids. But putting aside the sheer improbability of this story, we ask ourselves: why now?

Whether or not George would go to boarding school was heavily discussed last July after the little prince turned 8. A source who claimed to be close to the Cambridges said We Weekly back when the Duke and Duchess waited until George was older to make the call so he himself could help decide. “They would never force George to go unless he wanted to and they felt it was right,” the source said.

Again, this leaves us wondering, why now? This was surely a talking point at the start of last term since this is the true age that William himself left for boarding school. The outlet fails to note that, if we’re talking about the upcoming school year, George will actually be 9 years old. So if William was determined that George would follow in his footsteps, he would probably already be attending boarding school. But since he isn’t, this tabloid’s story really doesn’t sit well with us.

The magazine about William and Kate Middleton

Then there is the question of Way of lifePast reports on the Cambridges. Last year, the outlet published an offensive story accusing Kate Middleton of having an eating disorder. Then the magazine reported that William and Middleton were fast-tracked to the throne after the latest Prince Charles scandal. And more recently, the publication bizarrely predicted that Middleton was pregnant with twins. Obviously we shouldn’t take Way of life‘s word wherever the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are concerned.

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