Japanese universities determine that cats know the names of other cats

Poor Mr. Muffinstuff…

Despite the long-standing relationship between humans and cats, there are still many mysteries in the feline mind. Their preference for GU jeans and their fear of circles are just a few of the many secrets hidden behind those stoic eyes.

However, researchers from Kyoto University and Azabu University in Kanagawa are learning more and more about the psyche of cats. Their latest research revealed that in houses where three or more cats reside, they can learn each other’s names.

This was determined similarly to the 2016 Kyoto University study that found cats have a rudimentary understanding of physics. Nineteen test subjects viewed photos of different cats on a computer, including those they cohabit with, while saying a name. In cases where cats the subjects knew were displayed but called a different name, the subjects looked at the image for about a second longer than usual, indicating that they realized something was wrong. and they were thinking.

“Oh my God, I’ve been pronouncing it ‘Cumberbunch’ this whole time.”

But before I thought, “Aha! I knew the cat I lent money to claimed he didn’t know me. a similar study was conducted with human faces and names, but with less conclusive results. Test subjects didn’t seem to recognize incompatible humans as clearly as they did with other cats, but research has found that the longer the relationship, the more family the house the cat lives in is. larger, the more likely he is to remember it. human names.

Researcher Saho Takagi from Azabu University told NHK that she herself loves cats and wanted to know more about how they understand human language. Online cat fans were also quick to point out that the study results matched their own experiences as well.

“My cat definitely knows that. I think my cat knows the dog’s name too.
“It makes sense. They always seem to know when I’m about to go home or go to the bathroom.
“I tried it on my cat and he seemed surprised when I changed his name slightly.”
“My mom tried to change our cat’s name because she was fed up, but the cat only responded to her old name. I was impressed.”
“When I called one of my cats, the others would look at him like, ‘What? Why does he come first?
“Cats are really smart. When I left the stove on once, he stood in front of it and started meowing to get my attention.
“I had three cats and a dog with five names between them because of a nickname: Kiki, Ki-kun, Kitchu, Ki-tan and Chu-kun. They always only responded to their own names.

While this seems like common sense among many pet owners, at least it now has peer-reviewed scientific backing. It also perhaps lends credence to the more controversial theory that one way to find a lost cat is to ask other cats in the neighborhood about it.

So be careful when choosing your pet’s name. It certainly seems to fit and even if they don’t quite understand the meaning of Poopy Paws Patterson, their keen senses can probably detect on some level that something is going on.

Source: NHK, Twitter/@nhk_news
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