Islamic boarding school rape victims give birth to 9 babies: reports


More details have emerged from the grim case involving an alleged serial rapist who is also an Islamic boarding school (gravity) teacher in Bandung, West Java, whose victims have reportedly given birth to nine babies, and two more are on their way.

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As news of his crime grabbed national headlines, the full identity of the suspect was revealed as 36-year-old Herry Wiryawan. He is accused of raping the victims, aged 16 to 17, on several occasions since 2016 in several boarding schools where he has taught, including Madani boarding school in Cibiru district.

Four of the victims became pregnant and each gave birth to a child, while one victim even gave birth twice. More recent reports have pointed out that a total of nine babies have been born to rape victims and two victims are currently pregnant.

According to reports, Madani is not authorized by the Ministry of Religious Affairs to operate. Tedi Ahmad Junaedi, who heads the ministry’s office in Bandung, said the school is not a formal school as it is rather a rumah tahfidz, a non-formal Islamic religious education institution specializing in Koran studies.

“There is no operating permit issued for the pesantren, but it is a subsidiary of Pesantren Manarul Huda in the Antapani district. So all alone there is no license, [Madani] is kind of rumah tahfidz,Tedi said today.

Herry, whose trial is ongoing, faces multiple charges under Indonesian child protection law, including rape and violence against children. They carry a maximum prison sentence of 15 years.


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