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Gwalior: The pupils of Scindia school from class VI to XII have started the school year virtually, due to the current pandemic situation. Students and teachers were excited to reconnect when online classes began on June 15, 2021.

What makes teachers at Scindia School suitable to teach online is not only their experience from the last year, but also the training they have received in online teaching and technology adoption since. for many years now.

The school started its IT course in 1982, and the first 4 students who took the CBSE IT exams were all boys from Scindia School.

Teachers at the school are well trained in creating electronic content, as most of the lessons last year were also online. Classes were delivered via videoconference, recorded video and audio conferences, presentation slides, podcasts, portable document format (PDF), worksheets and email activities.

Commenting on the same Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat, Principal of Scindia School, said: “Over the past year teachers and students have become familiar with several technologies and learning techniques, which is why he will be slightly easier to start a new year virtually. However, this year, we have decided to have mandatory time slots for personalized and one-on-one interactions between students and teachers in the classroom each day, as well as multiple extracurricular activities, in order to rekindle their personal bond with their school and their families. teachers. And in the few days following the start of the school year, we see the enthusiasm of the children and teachers. “

Commenting on the same Memoy Mishra, a student in Class 12 said, “I miss meeting my friends and being with them. In fact, I even miss my school uniform. The ideal would have been to go back to class. However, as this is not possible at the moment, I look forward to meeting and interacting virtually with my teachers and friends.

Students have a busy schedule with the day starting at 7:00 am with yoga followed by breakfast. They then attend two lessons from 9 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. followed by a short recess and then 2 other lessons before lunch. After lunch, students in class XII have additional classes, while the rest of the school is engaged in activity classes. Classroom teacher meetings and counseling sessions with students take place from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The Astachal (evening assembly) is held every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Saturdays are reserved for the evenings of the House for the preparation of upcoming events / the establishment of interpersonal relationships / the accompaniment and the construction of the spirit of the House.

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