I did it because I don’t like boarding school – Borno student who slit a colleague’s throat

A STUDENT arrested for nearly hacking fellow junior to death with a razor blade, Ahmad Umar Goni, says his dislike of boarding school prompted him to commit the act.

He said this while being paraded in front of reporters by officials from the Borno State Police Command.

Goni, a sixteen-year-old student at El-Kanemi Islamic Theological College, Maiduguri, said his parents refused to withdraw him from school at his request and cited this as the reason for his actions.


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“I don’t like the inn. I told my parents, but they didn’t take me out of boarding school. I made the mistake. I hope Allah will let the boy survive,” he said.

He also told police that there was no altercation between him and the victim prior to the assault.

Goni had lured a junior pupil, 11-year-old Jibril Sadi Mato, to the back of the school premises, where he slit his throat with a razor blade purchased from a school store.

The eleven-year-old passed out shortly after the attack and was found unconscious in a pool of blood.

Although Goni said there was no altercation between them, CIRI reported that the attack resulted from the victim’s refusal to run errands for him.

Mato, admitted to the intensive care unit of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH) in Borno State, had severely damaged arteries and trachea during the attack.

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According to the report, a family member, who wished to remain anonymous, said the victim regained consciousness in hospital but remained anxious about returning to school for fear of being killed.

He had also recorded the family’s displeasure at what he said was propaganda by school and hospital authorities to cover up the attack.

“What is also regrettable to note is that Maiduguri University Hospital has also partnered with El-Kanemi Islamic Theological College to document the false propaganda about the incident.

“In Jibril’s file, they wrote that the child fell and injured himself instead of saying that he was attacked by another person,” he said.

CIRI could not reach the school about this because the school’s telephone line was cut at the time of going to press.

According to a report, a college principal, Mohammed Sani Idris, had refused to speak about the incident. He instead tried to dissuade reporters from reporting the attack.

“What is this story for you? The school and your media have the same objectives (to provide services to the public).

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“I’d love for you to forget about this story as we move forward, but if you think reporting this issue is obligatory, then go ahead and do it,” he said.

However, a statement was released by the school principal, Kashim Ibrahim Abdullahi, dated January 22, 2022.

Abdullahi confirmed Goni’s attack and described previous reports against the college as fake news.

“A student, Ahmad Umar Goni of SSS 2A, for an unknown reason partially slit the throat of a student Jibril Sadi Mato of Pre-JSS.

“Unfortunately, some media houses, individuals as well as other critics of the College, without any evidence or verifiable evidence, have continued to spread false information while the College itself is still waiting for the police to conclude their investigation.

“Therefore, the College leadership denounces all these conspiracies and false news about the incident,” he said.

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