How a Vibrant Boarding School Produces Excellent Students

When Ella’s family was looking for a quality boarding school in the UK, TASIS The American School in England come out. Ella, who was born and raised in the United States, trusted the rave reviews and certainly saw enough during her visit to write her own. “We visited many other schools, but TASIS was by far our favorite,” she says.

The school community impressed her. The students were enthusiastic, the teachers were welcoming, and the boarders seemed eager to involve Ella and her family in the excitement as well. It was then that she knew she would thrive at TASIS England.

Although it was her first time away from home, it wasn’t long before Ella began to “understand” boarding school life. “My roommate was quick to introduce me to her friends and made me feel welcome and comfortable here,” she says. “I wouldn’t have gotten used to living apart from my family if it hadn’t been for the other residents around me. It was amazing!”

Outside of the classroom, Ella enjoys horseback riding, Zumba classes, and tennis. Source: TASIS England

TASIS England Boarding Program often has this effect on students away from home. Open to ages 13-18, it was designed to help young adults develop lasting relationships while gaining enough independence, responsibility, respect and resilience to chart individualized paths to academic and personal success. Their progress is overseen by a dynamic team whose mission is to keep residential life at TASIS England safe, fun, warm, friendly and caring.

Room assignments are strategic, ensuring that students reside with peers who speak different native languages. This way, international students are encouraged to practice their English while sharing and celebrating diversity within the school’s global community.

Schools Boarding Principles and Practice Policy sets out its mission to nurture intellectual curiosity while encouraging students to become principled, open-minded, and compassionate individuals—the traits commonly honed by our world’s best leaders, creators, and innovators.

“My levels of independence and responsibility have improved significantly since I’ve been a boarder, although there are rules and regulations in place to keep us safe,” says Ella. “I learned how to manage my budget, make effective decisions and plans, and communicate effectively with my peers and adults.”

While boarding schools are comfortable enough to persuade the most outgoing student to stay, blossoming friendships often spark an urge to explore. With parental consent, boarders at TASIS England often venture beyond their 46-acre campus at weekends. The school’s proximity to London – and the rest of the UK’s vibrant offerings – makes group outings a popular choice.

“Studying in London is an experience that will never be forgotten,” says Ella. “Over the past year, I have done at least three field trips around the city for different classes, to places such as museums and historical sites related to the subjects we are studying in class. Aside from academics, my friends and I travel to London frequently to see concerts, shop, and just explore the city. We also visited the Isle of Wight and Bath.

Like teenagers everywhere, students at TASIS England take full advantage of every opportunity to relax over the weekend before preparing for a whole new week of academic excellence.

TASIS believes that learning should extend beyond the classroom. Embarkation’s program includes October Travel Week, featuring escorted trips to various European destinations that balance traditional sightseeing with hands-on, activity-based experiences. Students can also participate in the February ski trip, service trips and night field trips planned by subject teachers. University sports teams travel to mid-season and end-of-season tournaments, and the Model United Nations (MUN) team participates in two overseas conferences, usually in The Hague and Barcelona.

Rigorous academics reflect the school’s commitment to a balanced college-preparatory program. Within this structure, students gradually take more responsibility for decisions about their academic program in preparation for their continuing education projects. With the breadth of options available to meet graduation requirements, every inquisitive mind is satisfied with the program they design. As they progress, students must take full responsibility for the learning process.

TASIS England

Half of TASIS England’s global community is made up of international students. Source: TASIS England

In high school, students have the choice of taking the two-year International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program – for which exam results are consistently strong. Another alternative is the US College Preparatory Program which includes a choice of 26-year Advanced Placement (AP) courses – and the results are equally impressive. With the support and guidance of the faculty, students succeed in their studies and develop the confidence to take on the world. But first, they are accepted into some of the best universities in the world.

That’s exactly what Ella did with the wise guidance of her college advisor, Ms. Mohr, who encouraged her to include challenging college-level AP courses in her schedule and pursue extracurricular interests to demonstrate her leadership and athletic qualities. Ella also worked closely with the AP coordinator, Ms. Maurer, who organized her classes in line with her plans to study entrepreneurship and business innovation at university.

With much to look forward to, TASIS graduates can confirm that there is much to cherish about the school. “Being at TASIS has been such a rewarding experience!” Ella enthuses. “I will definitely miss the people the most. The students and staff are very kind, approachable and accommodating. Come here and I can promise you will never feel alone.

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