From working in a factory as a child to now working with Kinara Capital as a financial analyst

Many of us set our goals at something within reach when we dream of success, but we forget that nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it. Nonetheless, here is the journey of someone who went from growing up in a rural village to a management background to now working as a financial analyst at Kinara Capital. This is the story of Komal Rani’s extraordinary transformational journey. A story that will inspire everyone!

Komal Rani started her journey as a student in her village of Rasoolpur Madhi, where she worked in a factory until fifth grade. Despite the difficulty, her luck shone as a scholarship opportunity from the Shiv Nadar Foundation enabled her to move to a boarding school to continue studying full-time. Unfortunately, her financial aid faded when she graduated from Gargi College, Delhi. So Komal was at a crossroads, with a permanent job offer to join TCS and gain financial security for herself and her family on the one hand, and the possibility of pursuing management studies with the prospect of a better future for the other. Her journey, however, has another twist.

Vedica Scholars had hosted a session at their institution, providing information on a program of non-traditional management practices aimed at empowering women in today’s competitive environment. Reviewing the ideas from former students, who gave the program fantastic praise, Komal was convinced to take the Vedica opportunity. . “I’m glad it worked out that way, and I chose the Vedica option,” Komal adds today. At Vedica, she got a full scholarship for the program, allowing her to join the platform and become a future leader. She recalled the smooth learning and training process she experienced at Vedica Scholars and said:

“The Vedica program team continually spoke to me and encouraged me. I met several female leaders during the orientation program, who inspired me to stay true to my course. The emotional support and career guidance I received was unparalleled. Another aspect is the connection I now share with my peers. With the lot coming from such diverse educational and professional backgrounds, I feel like I learned a lot each day of their experiences.

During her management training at Vedica Scholars, she developed the relevant management skills, worked extensively with the communication center and prepared for internships, before landing a job at Kinara Capital as an analyst. financial risk management. Komal Rani, in our opinion, is a fantastic example of how hard work and determination can lead to success and career advancement.

The Vedica Scholars 18-month postgraduate certificate program focuses on an individual’s personal growth by providing a variety of modules that promote the development of a strong personality through holistic development, addressing all aspects of leadership. The foundations of this program are self-assessment and character development. It includes classroom discussions, group learning sessions and regular feedback sessions, which are essential to overall progress. The Vedica Scholar Program for Women is one of the most distinctive management programs in the country.

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