FBI’s most wanted Julian McMahon on Jess de Tali’s departure for Canada


When FBI: most wanted viewers welcome the CBS drama to their screens in early January, Tali LaCroix will be leaving for school in Canada – and that will put Jess (and possibly her relationship with Sarah) to the test.

The last time we hooked up FBI: most wanted – corn before all hell broke loose at the mall – Tali (played by YaYa Gosselin) had just learned that she had entered a prestigious boarding school in Canada. Although Jess (Julian McMahon) was a bit overwhelmed by the very good news, at the end of the episode he took his daughter aside to share how proud he was of her bravery during the center test. commercial, then said it was time for him “Be brave” and let her pursue the educational opportunity she so deserved.

In the midseason premiere of the CBS proceedings (titled “Incendiary” and airs Tuesday, Jan.4 at 10 / 9c), Jess and his girlfriend Sarah (Jen Landon) see Tali at the airport, and from there start to adapt to their “empty nest.”

And what might that transition look like for Special Surveillance Agent Jess LaCroix?

“Look, I think he might initially manage it, on the area, pretty good, ”McMahon told TVLine. But in reality? “I don’t think it’s something he’s going to handle as well,” admitted the Aussie actor.

After all, Jess “has had a rough road the last few years,” noted McMahon, “so learning that the cornerstone of her emotional connection is [is going away]…. That will leave a hole, that’s for sure.

And Sarah, who Jess hasn’t even dated in a year, is yet to fill such an emotional void for the hard-working G-man.

“I don’t know if Sarah can be that [person] for now, ”McMahon ventured. “In fact, I’m pretty sure Jess and Sarah are not here again.

As it stands, with Jess often busy hunting fugitives and her in-laws (through his late wife Angelyne), Nelson and Marilou, living off camera (now in Canada) since Nathaniel left. Arcand / Clinton FBI: most wanted, “Sarah had to take care of raising Tali on her own, and Jess didn’t quite know how to handle this”McMahon shared.

Now add that new wrinkle to the house, and “it’s gonna be an interesting thing” to watch unfold, McMahon teased. “I’m interested to see what we get out of it. “

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