Every Main Character In The Teen Series, Ranked

Young Royals is a Netflix teen series that follows the life of Prince Wilhelm, a new student at the elite Hillerska boarding school. The show explores the realities of adolescence, from dealing with neurodivergence in a non-tolerant society to exploring sexuality. In this regard, Young Royals is undoubtedly at the forefront of underrated LGBTQ+ shows aimed at today’s teens (rivaling Netflix’s other teen series Heart stroke). Indeed, the Netflix original series received a lot of praise for its level of LGBTQ+ representation and inclusion, as well as the actual cast of real-life teenagers.

With the recent release of Season 2, Young Royals garnered more attention for the main cast’s continued outstanding performances. Like any other series, the main characters serve as the focal point, and as with any story, it is necessary to have both protagonists and antagonists in the main cast in order to move the narrative forward with conflict and resolution. As a result, not every character will necessarily be someone you root for. Here are all the main characters of Young Royalsclass.


6/6 August

young-royals-august (1)

August (Malte Gårdinger) is the antagonist of Young Royals. A typical arrogant rich kid who thinks of himself as the “it” kid in Hillerska, August only cares about himself. When Wilhelm arrives as Hillerska, August takes him under his wing, and while it may seem like he has Wilhelm’s best interests at heart, the reality is quite different. His jealousy of Wilhelm’s status arouses great rage in him, which he expresses by leaking the video of Wilhelm and Simon having sex. Doing something like this is not only traumatic for the parts of the video, but the act could also land August in legal trouble. He is by far the worst character Young Royalswho only cares about him and his status at school.

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5/6 Sarah


A character who falls in the neutral section on the morality scale is Sara (Frida Argento), Simon’s sister. Another student at Hillerska, Sara spends much of her time with her horse before befriending Felice, who helps her become more social among the other students. That being said, Sara isn’t exactly the best character and is more neutral than really good. For example, when Sara discovers that August has leaked a video of Simon and Wilhelm, she blackmails August to her advantage rather than reporting him to the school principal. It’s not exactly model behavior, but seeing August suffer for what he’s done is a dark sense of justice that Sara serves.

4/6 Simon


Serving as Wilhelm’s love interest, Simon (Omar Rudberg) is definitely a fan-favorite character. Simon is a non-resident at the boarding school and, due to his low-income background, does not fit in with the majority of the other students. He is one of the few on Young Royals who regularly underscores the privilege the students feel while the rest of the world struggles, part of what makes his character so beloved. Simon is a supportive friend, brother and boyfriend who is always there for those he loves. His level of compassion is rarely seen among wealthy royals of the elite school, another reason why he is considered one of the best characters in Young Royals. Speaking to Digital Spy, Rudberg shared her hopes for a happy ending for Simon and Wilhelm.

3/6 Guillaume


As one of the main characters, Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) spends a lot of screen time on Young Royals. While some would expect Wilhelm to be higher on this list, the reality is that while he’s a likable character, he’s not the best. Part of what makes his character so likeable is how he handles all the changes he goes through. From attending the new boarding school to exploring his sexuality with Simon, Wilhelm does the best he can. Wilhelm’s biggest drawback is that he cares too much about what other people think rather than focusing on his own wants and needs.

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2/6 Erik


Erik (Ivar Forsling) is another royal on the show, but unlike many of Wilhelm’s older siblings, he doesn’t consider himself superior to Wilhelm in any way. He is a supportive big brother, taking Wilhelm to school on the first day to help him feel more comfortable. Besides being the best big brother, Erik also seems to be the only royal to call Wilhelm regularly. All of these things make Erik one of the most lovable characters on the show because he only cares about his brother’s well-being, which is more than can be said for all the other members of their family, including their parents. Although Erik’s time on the show was brief, he left a lasting impression on audiences.

1/6 Felix


Felice (Nikita Uggla) is a character full of surprises. While outwardly she appears to be just another rich guy at a boarding school, she turns out to be much more than that. Through Young Royals, she opens up to the characters around her and her true personality is revealed. Felice is one of the first people to befriend Sara and help her feel comfortable making more friends. She also blindly supports Wilhelm and Simon despite her longtime crush on Wilhelm. This proves that Felice is capable of putting her own emotions aside for the sake of her friends.

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