DUK partners with 4 UK universities

Digital University of Kerala (DUK) has signed memoranda of understanding with the universities of Oxford, Edinburgh, Manchester and Siegen for collaboration in the field of graphene, the chief minister’s office said on Wednesday. Pinarayi Vijayan.

The MoU was signed in the presence of Vijayan and Industry Minister P Rajeeve during a meeting held overseas. A high-level State delegation led by the CM is on a European tour for a few days.

Speaking at the meeting, the CM said that Kerala, which opened the country’s first digital university, has already launched measures to establish a graphene-based industrial park.

Noting that the effort of the state government was to start industries based on next generation technologies, he said the current MoUs are expected to further enhance Kerala’s capacity to develop cutting-edge research and develop a knowledge economy in the sector.

“Kerala is intent on building a world-class ecosystem for graphene,” Vijayan said, adding that organizations involved in the development of nanotechnology and future-time materials like that of graphene would be encouraged. A science park would be set up to support knowledge industries based on digital technologies.

DUK has already been assigned the task of developing the Digital Science Park as a major research and development institute in digital science and technology, the CM explained.

Physicist Eminet Andre Geim from the University of Manchester, who shared the Nobel Prize in 2010 for discoveries related to graphene, was also present at the meeting.

Geim said government initiatives in the field of graphene will help the state position itself forward in the future industry.

His disciple Rahul Nair was also present at the meeting alongside academicians representing various foreign universities and other senior state officials, the CMO statement added.

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