CMU ranks high on PitchBook’s list of Top 100 Universities for Startup Founders

Carnegie Mellon University has a new prize to add to its collection.

According PitchBook’s In the 2022 list of the 100 Best Universities for Startup Founders, CMU can claim to be ranked in the top 30 in four categories. It follows recent lists made, including being named #22 by American News for top national universities, and #28 in the world by Times Higher Education.

“Great entrepreneurs can come from anywhere, but some universities have a truly exceptional track record in producing future entrepreneurs,” PitchBook said. With spin-offs and other Pittsburgh-based companies such as RoadBotics, Bloomfield Robotics and Therapeutic CaramelCMU is certainly one of them.

PitchBook ranks universities based on the number of founders’ companies that received first-round venture capital funding between January 1, 20122 and October 21, 2022. According to PitchBook, these lists are organized to determine “which colleges have the best track record in producing entrepreneurs”. .” (Note: Not all entrepreneurs raise venture capital.)

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While Ivy League universities such as Stanford, Harvard, Yale and Penn Comfortably secured the top 10 spots in the undergraduate category of the list, CMU managed to outrank well-known institutions such as Dartmouth College, Northwestern University and Oxford University across the pond. Closer to home, it ranked several places above Penn State.

Here’s how CMU measured up in each area:

  • In the undergraduate category, CMU ranked #22. Founders who attended the university raised $19.5 billion among 480 founders for 427 companies.
  • CMU was named #13 among graduate schools, with 764 founders raising $36.5 billion across 626 companies.
  • It ranked No. 30 on PitchBook’s list of top schools for female undergraduate founders, with 49 female founders raising $2 billion from 48 startups.
  • And for female graduate school founders, the university ranked 18th with 79 female founders raising $1.1 billion from 73 companies.

University of Pittsburgh was not in the undergraduate category, but was named #73 among graduate schools, with $3.1 billion raised across 153 companies by 180 founders.

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