British International School, Phuket extends successful partnership with Brazilian Football Academy

Phuket, Thailand, April 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — British International School phuket (BISP) and from Brazil Cruzeiro Sports Club have decided to extend their successful partnership until 2023, eight years after their first collaboration. Extension comes next BISP wins international competitions and its players are recognized by international clubs and well-established universities.

The success of BISP football programs is the result of Jonathan Candido who runs the Cruzeiro Football Academy at BISP, having played professionally for Cruzeiro EC before working as a coach for the club’s Under 9 and Under 10 teams in Brazil.

“The idea of ​​this partnership was to put BISP on the football map and create competitive teams that would compete in international school and academy competitions. We wanted people to know that the school not only excels in studies, but also offers a high quality sports program,” says Jonathas, adding that the excellent sports facilities at BISP, combined with the training of coaches from the Cruzeiro Academy, are what made the partnership successful.

“At other schools, children have to travel elsewhere to use this level of training and take advantage of these facilities. At BISP, we can provide all of this under one roof. In addition, many children board the campus, which makes it easier for us to monitor their health and nutrition.When it comes to developing a young athlete, this is a big plus.

Shine on the world stage with a win at IBERCUP

Since the first BISP tour Europe in 2015 where the objective was simply to see the scale of international competitions, the team won the IBERCUP in 2019, a high-level competition that takes place every year in Spain and Portugal and attracts a number of youth teams and professional clubs from around the world Europe.

The team also traveled to Brazil where they had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a professional club environment. Students were exposed to the world’s largest football athlete factory and had the chance to see, train and play with the country’s best young athletes – a unique opportunity that showed them what it takes to reach an elite level.

A talent development program

The BISP and Cruzeiro Esporte Clube partnership has also produced programs to develop football talent. Candido presented an international 11-a-side tournament at the school alongside well-established Soccer 7 and last year hosted the inaugural beach soccer tournament. Attracting more local and international footballers to the school was another priority, which led to the creation of a football scholarship for boys and girls.

“The scholarship helped us attract top footballers to school. Once we started winning more competitions and getting noticed everywhere Asia, BISP students were wanted to sign contracts with clubs and universities. It’s the kind of excitement around football that we’ve always wanted,” says Jonathan.

The BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy has bigger goals than just winning matches and tournaments. Using the Cruzeiro Method – a proven professional system, created by Cruzeiro Esporte Clube in Brazil and suitable for Thailand and the unique BISP environment — young athletes learn tactical, technical, physical and psychological skills that allow them to develop and use their full potential. The system is delivered by highly qualified physical education specialists and professional trainers from Brazilsomething Jonathan says sets the academy apart from others.

“We don’t just raise the club’s banner and hire coaches who are not trained by Cruzeiro. Everything is delivered by Cruzeiro coaches who understand the philosophy and replicate it at BISP,” says Jonathas. “It’s a big advantage, because other clubs who have created academies in Asia don’t provide that authentic experience. Having local Brazilian coaches who understand the philosophy of the club is a true representation of Cruzeiro – a Brazilian club with a Brazilian methodology and Brazilian coaches who transmit it.”

The academy now has over 250 students, 160 of whom are top athletes who train six days a week before and after school.

“All students who opt for football, regardless of age, level or gender, have the opportunity to be coached by one of the professional coaches. Another unique aspect of our program is that our top footballers older level mentor our younger footballers in their sessions which creates a positive community atmosphere and helps create good role models,” says the athletic director Jeff LaMantia.

As Jonathan recalls the teams’ wins and losses over the past eight years, he declares everything he and the kids have learned along the way.

“The last eight years have taught us a lot,” says Jonathan. “Winning is hugely important and we play to win, but it’s not just about winning. It’s about our students playing in a competitive environment against some of the best players in the world where they will be pushed to their limits and will develop their skills in the best possible way. That’s what it means to be a top Cruzeiro athlete.”

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