Best Netflix movies and shows for dog lovers

Few other animals can claim such closeness to people as the dog. The horses have been settled at the pension, the fish are adorable but less cuddly, and the cats are the same as they have been since the dawn of time. Only dogs are the animals that will stick with humans through thick and thin, no matter where we go or how we may need to return.

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Dog lovers can listen netflix to find a library of shows focused on humans’ best friends. There’s a nice lineup of shows including movies, dramas and cartoons, plus adult and kids’ selections, so there’s something for every dog ​​lover in the house.


6/6 Dogs

One line in the theme song says it all, “no matter how much you love me, I love you more.” Dogs is a collection of sweet and heartwarming stories about special owners and their equally unique canine friends.

Each story has a public and personal dimension, and the dogs are as much at the center of the drama as the humans who love them. Some episodes are thrilling and dangerous, like Syrian refugee Ayham hatching a plan to rescue his husky from a war zone, but there are also contemplative and more introspective stories. An episode about a day in the life of Blue, the lovable bull terrier and varsity team mascot, is one example.

5/6 Canine intervention

Sometimes everyone needs a friend to intervene on their behalf. Canine intervention features Jas Leverette, an Oakland dog trainer who has successfully transformed some lives after behavioral issues made life difficult for dogs and owners. These stories are set in the same region, Southern California, and the setting adds to the atmosphere of the show as a place where dogs are appreciated, numerous, and often misunderstood.

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Leverette not only works with individual dogs in homes, but also with shelters and dog rescues. In one show, Leverette visits a shelter in the Mojave Desert that rescues strays and abandoned dogs. Another popular episode involves the case of Diesel, a once lovable husky herder mix who takes a mysterious and aggressive turn.

4/6 Super PupZ

It’s a show aimed at kids, using that classic old formula of the after-school special that adults remember and love. The premise of an alien escaping government custody with the help of a few puppies trapped in the same lab makes the viewer immediately sympathize with them. This is everyone’s favorite Among Us alien trope.

The stakes aren’t exactly high in this cute and fuzzy adventure, but SuperPupZ is perfect for what it is, and the production values ​​are more than decent considering it’s not a big budget production. The package says live action, and it is, but there’s a lot of CGI and it could look a lot worse.

3/6 Seventeen

For dog lovers who appreciate foreign films, especially those that are shown at festivals and win awards, Seventeen is a 2019 movie that didn’t get enough attention. It is a Spanish-language comedy-drama, filmed in Spain and premiered at the San Sebastián International Film Festival on September 27, 2019. It has been streaming on Netflix since October of the same year.

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Héctor is 17 years old, and this story begins when he escapes from his detention center for minors. His motivation isn’t to return to a life of crime or find drugs, but to track down a dog named Oveja that he met while in custody. Another benefit of this heartwarming film is the geography of Cantabria, a historic region in northern Spain where most of Héctor’s adventures take place.

2/6 dogs in space

It’ll keep kids entertained, and it’s nuanced enough for them to understand, but the writing is for adults. Regardless of the age of the viewer, it’s fun to see different breeds of dogs in cartoon form, and the animators do a great job of making subtle differences that dog lovers will notice, like certain facial markings or the shape of the ears. of a dog.

The premise of the show is that dogs have been genetically modified and sent into space to find a new planet to replace the original one, which humans destroyed. It’s a fun storyline with cartoon dogs, but it has an apocalyptic twist, and the show makes no secret of how much the characters love and miss their people.

1/6 Saved by Ruby

In May 2022, a K9 rescue dog from Rhode Island crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a sudden and short illness. Her name was Ruby and this movie is based on her story. Although Saved by Ruby is a dramatization and is never meant to be a documentary, most details of Ruby’s story happened as depicted in the film.

It is true that Ruby was returned to the shelter several times due to behavioral issues and was rescued literally hours before she was euthanized. In the film, it is the main character Daniel O’Neil who adopts Ruby in the hopes of making her a rescue dog. In film and in real life, one of her first accomplishments was finding the lost hiker who turned out to be the son of the shelter employee who was determined to save her. If karma is real, it comes in the form of a dog.

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