Attacks on minorities, right-wing media, covid in universities

Hi NL team, I love your work. We need more press organizations like this.

I have two requests/questions:

1) Can you report on the use and regulation of PFAS (forever chemicals) in India? For the moment, no regulations exist. They are quite poisonous and can cause serious harm to the human body. It is also the main subject of the film dark waters with Mark Ruffalo and the book Exposure on which the film is based. PFAS are used in food packaging, waterproof cosmetics, non-stick pans, etc. EU countries have already started to regulate them.

2_ The sequel is controversial, so please omit it or crop it entirely if necessary. Is it possible that the vitriol being spat out now is not aimed at extremist Hindus but at extremist Muslims, so that they do something horrible and in retaliation things get even worse? Concrete example Mumbai 1992.



Hello everyone,

As a Muslim community, we now know for sure that all of these things (Sulli Deals, Bulli Deals, call for Haridwar genocide, stop Friday namaz, lynching, love/xyz jihad, etc.) are all supported by the State.

But one thing hurts us: the silence of the majority that feeds these cretins and endorses their diabolical ideology. The bare minimum they should do is stand with us and at least support our truth. All the above is done in the name of safeguarding Hinduism. Is the above allowed in Hinduism? If not, then why don’t Hindus come forward and banish them and say that these morons aren’t Hindus? I mean, nothing, from the community of 100 million subscribers, is done and we see it clearly.

When ISIS and its brutality were at their peak, almost every Muslim (celebrities, politicians, etc.) around the world denounced, rejected, fought and ultimately defeated them. At every masjid pulpit by every Islamic scholar, ISIS has been condemned.

Is expecting at least the above too much for the majority?

Saquib Sheikh


Hello everyone,

I pay sporadically Newslaundry subscription because I love the Awful and Awesome podcast and it’s fun to ask Abhinandan and Rajyasree for stuff. Unlike most of your subscribers, I don’t pay for independent media, if you read everyone’s emails, I wouldn’t pay.

I’m in the top 1% (though way down in the top 1%) in India based on data from Credit Suisse and the Global Inequality Report. Most of your regular subscribers should be at least in the top two to three percent because others can’t really afford to buy your subscription. The wealth of the richest two to three percent rests on the oppression of the poor. It is not possible for us to be so rich in a more humane and fairer world. Providing a good, free education only means more competition for our children. All Newslaundry poses a threat to the top two to three percent and yet these people are paying you.

What does it mean? Are these people delusional or are you not a real threat to the systems of oppression that keep people like me rich?



Hi guys,

FoxNews make more money than CNN Where MSNBC. The same goes for right-wing channels in India. So there is a big market for right-wing commentators. Arnab is completely sold out and can be worth almost a thousand crores. He also seems to have lost weight, so selling your soul doesn’t seem to have any negative consequences. Do you think Anand Ranganathan just saw an opportunity to make money and abandoned all his principles? I didn’t know he went to Cambridge on a scholarship. He is obviously smart. Do you think a lot more people, especially young people, who may have leftist and liberal leanings, will just dress up as right wingers because it’s a better career path. How many times has this happened already?


Hi Abhinandan, I was watching your interview with Manoj Tiwari ahead of Delhi elections 2020. During the interview, he had offered to do a long interview with you. Have you tried setting this up and has this ever happened? If not, can you please share why not?


Naresh Fernandes’ comment on attacks on Indian Christians happening on the fringes requires a bit of context to know who exactly is on the fringes of the Indian Christian community. He – and I, for that matter – are Konkan Catholics. We enjoy immense privilege in terms of numbers, wealth, established communities and social support. At less than five percent of the Indian Christian community, however, we are the fringe. A fringe with privileges and a voice but still the fringe. The majority of Indian Christians are non-Catholic, do not live in cities and are scattered across the country. His experience and mine in the tiny confines of Bandra are not representative of the wider Indian Christian community and I don’t think we are in a position to do the matter justice.

Eldrich Rebello


I really like the weekly discussion of prominent Hafta personalities.

I heard a lot about the success of ivermectin in UP from some “controversial” medical professionals on Joe Rogan’s podcast. They always mention the huge success UP had with ivermectin and defeated Covid with it. I don’t remember seeing anything like this in Indian media, did you hear about this success somewhere?



Hi, first of all, congratulations to the team for what you do at Newslaundry. I wish you all a happy new year.

With reference to the last Hafta, I want you to explore a bit more what Jammi said about professional responsibility. This goes to the heart of wickedness in Indian culture. This in turn is rooted in the caste system which is not explored much in your reporting.

The EWS Reserve got a fair share in the Tamil press. Not just EWS, but also NEET, rebookings, etc. Is it because there have been progressive caste-based ideas in Tamil society? If so, don’t digital and legacy media have a responsibility to highlight caste issues and spread progressive ideas?

Thank you and keep up the good work.



Hi NL Team,

I like your work. I meant to say that your field reports are really great. But I think a lot of people still don’t know that NL also makes ground reports. I mean, your shows like Newsance and Tippani and the podcasts, people know about them. Many people in my circle of friends know Newslaundry through podcasts and shows, but they didn’t know you were reporting too. Maybe you should focus a bit more on promoting that.

You also wanted to know how you decide who produces what? For example, does it depend on what interests them most and what they know in certain areas or is it just a random decision?

Also, it would be great to hear from your team for a change on podcasts. Like your producers and editors. I know journalists have a podcast, but what about producers? What are they doing? How do they produce shows and also have opinions on the topics covered in the podcasts/shows they produce? (I study film and production, so I just wanted to hear the producers’ perspective.)


Hello NL team!

As the end of semester exam approaches, Covid cases are on the rise, but the university has declared the timetable and is taking the exam offline, ensuring that all Covid protocols will be followed, which is a joke in itself. I don’t understand why they can’t do it online like they have in previous semesters and why do they want to sacrifice us in this fire of fast growing daily cases? Can you do a story on the plight of students in this current pandemic situation?

And in the previous Hafta, where Abhinandan talked about “cowardice becoming a virtue”, it was right and very uplifting. Personally, I have the impression that everything starts at the elementary level. I have seen many parents and teachers play a part in it. I feel like some of them are embracing it a bit, like their favorite dialogue; that you are turning your seltzer water into a delicious but totally useless wine. (A joke after my long rant 😭)

Your thoughts on this?

love your job,

More power to you all!



Why is the last Hafta only 30 minutes long? As a new subscriber, I am very disappointed. This was the main reason for my subscription…to emerge in front of the paywall😀

Savitri Lakshmanan

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