All public colleges in California will offer medical abortions starting January 1

(KTXL) – California’s two university systems, University of California and California State University, will begin offering medical abortions no later than January 1, 2023, due to SB 24, the College Student Right to Access Act.

According to a press release from the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, the legislation “will increase access to reproductive health care on UC and CSU campuses and is designed to reduce barriers for women.” hundreds of California public university students who are forced off campus for medical treatment every month.

The CCSWG said student health centers on CSU and UC campuses currently offer gynecological exams, birth control, pregnancy counseling and other health care options. Access to medical abortion will be an extension of the health services already available to their students.

Currently, the 23 schools that are part of CSU do not offer abortion services on their campuses.

“CSU’s 23 campus health centers currently offer students low-cost or free access to comprehensive and preventative health services, but not abortion services,” said Toni Molle, director of strategic communications. and Public Affairs from California State University, at FOX40. “From January 1, 2023 at the latest, we expect all health centers to be in compliance with SB 24.”

According to UCHealthNews, UC campus student health centers offer reproductive care and referrals for abortions to UC academic health centers, community facilities, and other providers.

“The University believes that all students should have access to affordable and convenient reproductive health care of their choice,” Heather Harper of UCHealthNews told FOX40. “UC is committed to helping students access reproductive and other health services while making decisions about their own care in consultation with healthcare professionals.”

The University of California is on track to implement the new law for all campuses on January 1, 2023.

“In the meantime, if medical abortion is not available at a UC Student Health Center, students covered by the UC Student Health Insurance Plan can access care through the Health Centers UC academics and other providers and facilities,” Harper said.

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