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“The news of the Reflections closure has helped our clients know that no one else will have to endure what they went through during their time at Reflections Academy,” said Lucas Foust, an attorney for Bozeman who represents the former students in their case against Reflections, said in an email Wednesday. “We look forward to continuing to seek justice for these very courageous survivors whom we are fortunate to represent.”

Documents filed in the case earlier this year by lawyers for Cameron Pullan, a former employee who is accused by a former participant of sexual assault, said a criminal investigation may be underway into the allegations. Sanders County attorney Naomi Leisz told the Montana State News Bureau that her office refused to charge Pullan because Pullan and the participant involved had both left the state.

Reflections Academy is several miles from Thompson Falls.

TOM BAUER, Missoulian

“This does not mean that the county attorney does not believe the reporter was a victim of a crime or that I doubt the veracity of the allegations made,” Leisz’s office said in a statement shared with Montana State News Office in July. “This office refused the prosecution because the county attorney determined that she would not be able to meet her burden of proof with the information contained in the investigation file.”

Yet the “struggling teen industry” as a whole is taking its toll on a national scale. A new nonprofit, Breaking Code Silence, has teamed up with former reality TV star Paris Hilton, herself an abuse survivor at a youth psychiatric treatment center, to advocate for ‘tighter industry regulation at the federal level. The association and Hilton have made appearances in Washington, DC, Last week to advance the Collective Care Accountability Act, which would establish, among other things, a declaration of the rights of children in such programs.

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