15 movies like “Euphoria”

When Euphoria premiered in 2019, no one knew what to expect. Teenage melodrama paired with painfully honest depictions of violence, drug use, and the realities of being a trans teenager makes Euphoria stand out and become the second most-watched show of all time on HBO. Now, after its second season, fans want more. While you wait for season 3, satisfy your craving for grungy teen drama with these 15 movies like Euphoria.

Euphoria wasn’t the first to blend the show’s serious themes with the relatable backdrop of high school drama — plenty of nostalgic and modern TV shows and movies strike the same chord. Many shows have Euphoria vibes, but after the emotional roller coaster of Season 2, watching a movie like Euphoria may be a better way to quickly get back to that”Euphoria Sunday” feeling without having to fully invest in a new series.

If you want to go back to High School Euphoria, but don’t want it to take more than two hours, try these 15 movies. But be careful, as Euphoriamany of these films require a content warning for violence, drug use, and abuse.

I can’t get enough Euphoria the intense aesthetic and dramatic twists of creator Sam Levinson? Try Assassination Nation, which Levinson also directed. To like Euphoria, the film follows a group of teenage girls, but in this Levinson project, the characters are drawn into a violent plot by a hacker to expose the secrets of their entire town. This Pretty little Liars-project become grotesque also features everyone’s favorite Euphoria playwright, Maude Apatow.

This dark teen drama is perfect for fans who love — or, perhaps more honestly, love to hate — the relationship dynamics in Euphoria. cruel intentions is a sinister high school drama set in an elite New York prep school where two step-siblings plot to hurt a naïve new classmate. To top it off, the cast is made up of young Selma Blair, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon.

To like Euphoriathis 1983 film featured a whole host of new actors who became incredibly famous, like Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze and Tom Cruise. The foreigners also matches EuphoriaThe sometimes violent energy as it follows a gang of teenagers accounts for the consequences of their violence.

On the surface, this classic 2013 teen romance is a dramedy about a popular boy who doesn’t want to grow up and a shy girl who already has. To like Euphoria, it perfectly captures the essence of high school – how everything, good and bad, seems to go on forever. Plus, Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley’s chemistry will take you right back to the love between Rue and Jules.


The perks of Being a Wallflower

If you’re looking for a slow teen melodrama with a dark side, the Benefits of being a wallflower is perfect. This surprisingly serious film, based on a book of the same name, follows Logan Lerman’s character, Charlie, as he makes new friends and learns to be more confident. The twist at the end cements this movie as a teen drama that has a lot to say.

Some of the most groundbreaking scenes in Euphoria show the diversity of the characters’ experiences of sexual violence, from objectification to rape. Speak, a 2004 film starring a young Kristen Stewart, was one of the first films to do the same. The film addresses the often overlooked realities of middle school and high school sexual violence as Stewart’s character works through his trauma and shame after being assaulted at a party. It’s hard to find the honesty of Euphoria in other mainstream entertainment, but Speak is a good starting point.

Before Euphoria was even a twinkle in the eyes of Sam Levinson, Winona Ryder and Christian Slater brought this mean girls with a touch to the big screen. In this wacky teen flick, the popular babes take their drama to a deadly level, featuring suicides and eventually going on a murderous rampage. Although Heathers relies more on black comedy than Euphoriathe dramatic scenes carry the same coming-of-age intensity.

Timothée Chalamet is a big fan of Euphoria, and while Tom Holland may have the first dibs on a special appearance on the show, Chalamet already has a few movies under his belt that would look great on his Euphoria application. In hot summer nights, Chalamet’s character, Daniel, is a lot like Rue – he falls in love and gets into a lot of trouble when he starts dealing drugs. Although not as popular as his other films, hot summer nights between teenage romance and dramatic thriller, just like Euphoria.

Chalamet is no stranger to bringing stories of drug destruction to life. In Handsome boy, he plays the main character, Nic, who develops a substance abuse disorder and tries to hide it from his family. The film is as much about his father, played by Steve Carell, as it is about his attempt to support his son. Carell and Chalamet’s excellent portrayal of this harrowing story, from drug addiction to rehab to relapse and back again, is matched only by Rue and her mother on Euphoria.

Thirteen has a very early 2000s feel, but the performances and plot are still very Euphoria. He doesn’t shy away from the complexities of teenage drug use and mother/daughter relationships in the face of trauma.

In this action-packed teen comedy, two friends are thrust into the high-stakes drama of a local drug dealer. Although Dope is much funnier, both the movie and Euphoria show the tension between teenagers and rebellion when surrounded by a culture of drug use. More, Dope is full of fun bike scenes reminiscent of Rue and Jules’ few moments of peace on Euphoria.

If you like many Euphoria fans, wanted more Kat scenes in season 2, watch movie 2019 Jezebel, which follows a young woman named Tiffany who starts working as a cam girl. Like Kat, Tiffany struggles to come to terms with the complex feelings that come with her new job, but Jezebel also particularly relates to Tiffany’s experience as a black sex worker. The film skillfully visualizes themes of objectification and the politics of sex that Euphoria just starting to address.

In this soft and contemplative film, the main character Alike explores her sexuality and tries to manage complex family dynamics, much like Rue. Alike not only processes her feelings for a new friend, but also experiments with expressing her identity through clothing – a fan-favorite element of Euphoria.

One of the most underrated elements of Euphoria is the attention each episode pays to the complexities of female friendship, especially in high school. In Selah and the spades, the most popular girl at a boarding school seeks to pass the torch of power to a younger student. What ensues is a dark, sometimes funny and painfully honest take on high school in the modern age, which is perhaps the best way to describe Euphoriaalso.

If you miss Fezco and Lexi’s swoon-worthy moments from Euphoria and need a break from high intensity scenes, watch The way he looks. This Brazilian film follows Leonardo, a blind teenager, who experiences life in a new way when he meets Gabriel and they fall in love. To like Euphoria, The way he looks Beautifully combines themes of coming of age and LGBTQ+ relationships for a truly impactful result.

Euphoria might be the first show of its kind, but luckily there are nostalgic, modern movies that match its dark, coming-of-age energy.

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