10 Worst Movie Dads

Parenthood is a difficult task, this fact cannot be denied. However, some movie fathers really manage to miss the mark in every way. From dads giving terrible advice to real criminals, truly mediocre examples of how to be a dad have been seen on the big screen over the years.

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Father figures can be complex, and relationships with young children and adult children can be tricky. Yet, some approaches and tactics are clearly unfavorable in a given context. Whether biological or adoptive, near or far, some of these movie dads could really use some new parenting guidelines.

ten Bad intentions and terrible interactions (there will be blood)

Initially, Daniel Plainview seems pretty well-meaning when he adopts the young HW However, it’s not long before there will be blood understand that Daniel actually only has his own intentions at heart when it comes to becoming a dad.

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HW is unfortunate enough to become a pawn in Daniel’s plans to look like a respectable family man to get what he wants, but he just happens to suffer from hearing loss due to his adoptive father’s job. . As if that weren’t enough, Daniel then sends HW to a boarding school for the deaf, then humiliates him for being an adult upon his return.

9 Anything but the Pillar of the Family (The Royal Tenenbaums)

It’s a bad sign when the family patriarch has to fake his own fatal illness to reunite with his children and his ex-wife. Royal Tenenbaum’s role as a parent has been sketchy since the start of The Royal Tenenbaumsconsidering how he uses his children’s genius and success when they are teenagers.

Royal’s past actions and attitudes have only prepared the three children for very complicated adult lives – emotionally and financially. Royal further complicates his own life when he discovers he has to lie about his health and living conditions to start getting close to anyone in the family again.

8 From Hero to Zero (Ad Astra)

Clifford McBride not only abandons his family, but does so under false pretenses. Although it may seem noble when this father of Ad Astra leaves his wife and son to go on a mission to search for intelligent life in the galaxy, it turns out to be anything but.

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Roy, played by Brad Pitt, quickly sees his father’s image go from hero to horror. Clifford himself admits to his son that he never cared about his family or even Earth for that matter, and his deep space mission was more of an escape from the life he hated than the search for life among the stars.

seven Harry ignores and belittles his daughter’s existence (Matilda)

Harry Wormwood begins his parenting journey in Matilda in the worst possible way: judging his daughter from birth. From then on, it just goes downhill. Mr. Wormwood is a nightmare in every way, given that he does everything but be Matilda’s father.

Harry denies his daughter everything a father should actually encourage, including schooling, reading, and being an independent thinker. He even denies Matilda’s existence half the time and sees her as a liar the other half. Luckily for Matilda, having a special skill set and a caring teacher helped her to self-parent as a child.

6 Odin could rule a kingdom but not his family (Thor)

It goes without saying that being a god is hard work and makes parenthood a bit difficult. However, Odin often goes too far. Whether it’s adopting a baby simply for a truce with an enemy or exiling his two children to different realms on the grounds that they deem them unworthy, Odin doesn’t exactly have the best track record.

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He has his moments of redemption, but it can be very difficult to name Odin “Father of the Year” when he fails to mention to Thor and Loki that they also have a sister who happens to be the Goddess of Death as well as Odin’s former personal executioner.

5 Great scientist, dreadful father (Spider-Man)

Being a murderous villain who tries to kill his son Harry’s best friend and everyone close to him doesn’t make the greatest impression, no matter how brilliant a scientist is. If Norman Osborn had relied solely on the latter, Harry might not have had so many problems to solve.

This Spider Man the villain seems to completely forget that his actions have consequences, especially as a father. Although he asks Peter Parker not to reveal his Green Goblin identity to Harry, which demonstrates at least a small awareness of the error of his ways when it comes to being an example for his son.

4 Lucius Malfoy sells his soul and his family to Voldemort (Harry Potter)

Lucius Malfoy shows how to be a bad example of a wizard, a father and a human in general. From willingly choosing to serve Voldemort to teaching his son horrible ways, Lucius Malfoy is everything a father shouldn’t be.

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Not only does this dark wizard choose to serve the Dark Lord, but he also fundamentally influences and threatens Draco to follow in his footsteps. It becomes increasingly clear throughout the Harry Potter frankness that Draco is indeed a good soul at heart, but that he spent his life under the terrible influence of his father who led him down the wrong path.

3 Thanos chooses power over his children (Avengers: Endgame)

Thanos’ parenthood is already off to a bad start, given that his adoption of daughters Gamora and Nebula could actually be considered spoils of war. Actively pitting Gamora and Nebula against each other, clearly claiming favoritism towards Gamora every chance he gets, doesn’t make the Mad Titan any better.

To deepen the traumatic experience, Thanos continues to raise and train his daughters as assassins, leading them through a life of danger, death, and destruction. He continues to torture Nebula for information and actually sacrifices Gamora for the Soul Stone in Avengers: Endgame.

2 Denethor tries to kill his least beloved son (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King)

Denethor commits to making bad parenting decisions. He frankly singles out Boromir as his favorite son—resulting in lifelong trauma and abandonment issues for Faramir—and then blames his second son for the death of his first.

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In The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Denethor then forces Faramir into a war in which he was very likely to perish. Then, to complete the series of unfortunate events, Denethor attempts to burn his son alive. In all honesty though, the latter was unintentional, as he truly believed that Faramir had already been killed.

1 Darth Vader cut off his own son’s hand (Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back)

Darth Vader is perhaps the best example of the kind of role model not to be for your children. Overall star wars Saga, Anakin Skywalker demonstrates the kind of actions not to take to be a good father.

Vader’s poor parenting choices begin when he nearly kills and then abandons a pregnant Padmé in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith all in favor of turning the dark side. He then blows up entire planets, kidnaps and tortures his own daughter, and attempts to kill his own son. The latter is accompanied by the act of cutting off Luke’s hand while traumatizing him upon learning that he is in fact his father.

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