10 Best LGTBQ+ Couples In Teen TV Shows

Team Peyton or Team Brooke? Team Paxton or Team Ben? For decades, teen TV shows have been plagued with heterosexual love triangles and fans screaming impatiently from rooftops on the ships they support. While this is all fun, many LGBTQ+ fans often wonder when it would be their turn to not only have LGBTQ+ couples to cheer for, but love triangles to choose sides for.

Luckily, the time has finally come, as the genre of teen television has begun to branch out more than ever. For the first time in decades, LGBTQ+ teens have love-positive relationships to admire without having to worry about their beloved ship ending or getting killed for shock value. The best part is that Couples doesn’t stop at gay or lesbian couples and instead encompasses the entire LGBTQ+ community.


Charlie & Nick – Favorite

Adapted from the popular webcomic turned graphic novel, Heart stroke became one of the biggest and best LGBTQ+ shows of all time. The teen series follows Charlie and Nick, two unlikely friends, whose friendship begins to merge into romantic territory as Nick begins to question his sexuality.

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Viewers flock earphone not just for its diversity, but because of the sweet and genuine nature of Nick and Charlie’s relationship. Charlie allows Nick to come to terms with his sexuality on his own, while Nick constantly reminds Charlie that they won’t have to keep their relationship hidden forever. Their constant communication and mutual support is one of the reasons they are such an iconic gay teenage couple.

Ola & Lily – Sex Education

sex education season 3 ola lily

Before Hearstopper, Sex Education was one of Netflix’s strongest LGBTQ+ teen series on the streaming service. The series put sex at the forefront of its cast’s minds and made a point of exploring LGBTQ+ couples in the mix, including the progression of Ola and Lily’s relationship.

At the start of the series, Lily focuses on losing her virginity to one of the boys she goes to school with. In season two, Lily befriends Ola and together the two go from friends to girlfriends. Girls explore their sexuality in a safe and nurturing environment since they’re just figuring things out and there’s no pressure to be perfect.

Victor & Benji – Love, Victor

Benji and Victor sitting together in love, Victor

Born from the success of the hit romantic comedy Love, Simon, Love, Victor takes place in the same universe but focuses on an entirely new group of students from Creekwood. At the center is Victor, a teenager who, in addition to moving to a new school, is trying to come to terms with his sexuality. Eventually Victor finds out he is gay and fully admits his feelings for Benji.

While Victor and Benji are undeniably cute together, they’re not without their issues. Both struggle with communication issues and jealousy, which are very real issues that every young lover faces. It’s their determination to work things out that makes them such a great couple.

Kat & Adena – The Daring Guy

The fat guy is arguably one of Freeform’s best and most underrated original shows of all time. The drama series centers on three best friends who all work for a popular women’s magazine. The series follows the professional and private life of the friend who led to the creation of one of the best couples in the series: Kat and Adena.

Like many LGBTQ+ teen show experiences, Kat doesn’t know she’s not straight until she meets and starts dating Adena. Although they have their fair share of problems, especially when Adena pulls away when Kat reveals she’s bisexual, the two manage to make their love work by always putting themselves first. They are truly selfless girlfriends who prefer to see themselves succeed professionally.

Alex and Charlie – 13 reasons why

Miles Heizer as Alex Standall and Tyler Barnhardt as Charlie St Prom Kings 13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why may have been one of Netflix’s most controversial teen shows of all time, but it gave viewers some pretty iconic pairings to ship, including the unexpected but beloved relationship between Alex and Charlie. Through their friendship, the two boys begin to explore their sexualities, which leads to Alex coming to terms with his attraction to Charlie and Charlie coming out as bisexual.

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What makes Charlie and Alex so great is the fact that they started out as best friends. After going through deep trauma, Charlie is there to support Alex in any way he needs. Since the two boys figure things out, their relationship is slowly moving, which means neither of them wonders where they stand with the other.

Willow & Tara – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

tara willow buffy the vampire slayer

buffy the vampire slayer is one of the most beloved cult drama series of the late 90s and early 2000s. While it centered on Buffy, the young teenager tasked with protecting the world from vampires, demons and other supernatural forces, a supporting character stole the show: Willow Rosenberg.

Willow was such a breakout character because it was one of the first times a teenage character had spoken about her sexuality on television. When she started dating Tara in recent seasons, the two solidified themselves as one of the first and best LGBTQ+ teenage couples of all time, which is what makes their relationship so great.

Mason and Corey – Teen Wolf

Mason and Corey holding hands in Teen Wolf

No one expected MTV to dominate the teen TV genre, but then Teen Wolf created and proven everyone wrong. Loosley based on a 1985 film of the same name, the series revolved around Scott McCall, a young werewolf who must defend his town against supernatural creatures and threats.

Whereas Teen Wolf was known for its dramatic nature and deliverable pairings, the series also began to explore LGBTQ+ representation in later seasons. One of the best couples on the show was Mason and Corey. When Corey is turned into a werewolf, Mason helps him come to terms with his new reality, which also causes the boys to bond on more than just a platonic level.

Kurt & Blaine – Joy

For many teenagers growing up in the 2010s, Joy was the best TV show. Created by Ryan Murphy, the musical centered on the glee club at William McKinley High as they prepared for various choir competitions while dealing with their personal teenage lives.

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Like most high school students, the characters in Joy went through several relationships, but none were as solid as Kurt and Blaine. The two were each other’s first boyfriends and really stuck together through the tough time that is high school. It was their mutual support that led them to their forever bliss in later seasons.

Adam & Becky – Degrassi: the next generation

Adam & Becky - Degrassi: the next generation

Degrassi: the next generation was a cornerstone of teen television for decades because of how it evolved to be representative of the very teenagers it was trying to appeal to. Adam transferred to Degrassi in Season 10 following transphobic bullying at his old school. Unlike other shows that might present being transgender as an obstacle, Adam fully embraces his identity, much like most Degrassi students.

In Season 12, Adam began dating Becky, a religious student who worries about her parents’ reaction to her dating Adam. Although Becky makes a few mistakes with Adam, like trying to keep their relationship a secret, the two really do make a great couple because of their mutual support.

Wilhelm & Simon – Young Royals

Simon laying his head on Wilhelm's shoulder in Young Royals

Young Royals is a Swedish-produced teen drama series that airs on Netflix. It centers on teenage Prince Wilhelm of Sweden, who is sent to a prestigious boarding school after getting into trouble at home. There, Wilhelm bonds with Simon, a scholarship student who isn’t afraid to call the royal family. As the two begin to spend more time together, Wilhelm begins to have romantic feelings towards Simon.

Whereas Young Royals is a drama at its core, there are feel-good elements to the show, not least thanks to Wilhelm and Simon’s relationship. Simon is a great boyfriend because he introduces Wilhelm to new things and gets him to think about things in a different way. Likewise, Wilhelm helps Simon come out of his shell and defend himself.

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