Side Effects of Smartphone Addiction

Imagine yourself spending a whole day without your smartphone; will you feel that you are missing something vital? It’s no secret; our use of smartphone has turned into an addiction.

We spend plenty of our time with our smartphones texting, making calls, playing games, taking pictures and on the internet.

The more we use our smartphones, the stronger the urge of checking on them within every time.

Hence been away from your phone causes anxiety and lack of networking frustrates you once you become a smartphone addict.

Below are some of the side effects of smartphone addiction.

Lack of sleep

Sleeping is very important.

smartphone addicts can spend the whole night chatting, this interferes with the quality and duration of their sleep.

Throughout the night, they are awake as they chat with friends via text messaging.

Thus, they have to tuck their phones under the pillow and check new messages now and then.

This can deprive you of enough sleep, and it may have a negative impact on your health.

It will interfere with your reasoning ability since your brain doesn’t get enough time to rest.

This will reduce your learning skill and affect your memory negatively.

Reduces concentration

Your smartphone connects you not only to the people next to you but also to the entire world.

A smartphone addict tends to give more attention to the people away instead of concentrating on people next to them.

Phones have made it hard for people to have one-on-one conversations with friends and relatives.

It is so unfortunate you will find smartphone addicts using their phone even in prohibited areas.

You will find them using the phone while driving or even when crossing the road.

Moreover, their concentration is diverted from what they were doing to the phone.

This is putting their life in danger since it may lead to accidents.

Health problem

smartphone addict individuals commonly overlook cell phone radiation.

Though it may contribute to many ill health factors, it is not widely known to be harmful.

Hence, it is vital to study cellular radiation and its effects on the body as well as things you can do to prevent your own body from it.

In addition, learning the ways you can discharge stored radiation in your body will leave you feeling rejuvenated and fresh.

Some of the negative effects that radiations have include the reduction of the body’s cognitive performance.

In addition, the use of a smartphone for long hours affects your neck and hurt your back muscles.

While using your phone ensure you fix your posture to relieve back pain.

Alternatively, use your smartphone in front of your face and avoid stretching your muscles.

The takeaway

Do people think you’re not paying attention to them because you’re constantly looking at your smartphone during conversations – checking for new e-mails and Facebook updates, texting, and Twitting?

Are your thumbs sore from scrolling, clicking, and zooming on your screen?

This is a slow indication that you are becoming addict to your smartphone.

Be cautious to avoid experiencing the above-discussed side effects of smartphone addiction.